What replacement PCB to use?

Hi all,

Firstly, checked the stickies, became confused as balls on a hot day, so am posting a thread.

I have recently bought a MadCatz TE Round 2 SFIV fightstick xbox360 version. However, it has problems, is out of guarantee and I basically got fucked over by ebay on getting a return, so I’m stuck with it. All is not lost however, this is a great stick, I picked it up for £65 and if we can fix it I’ll be happy. I also have some very competent electrical engineer buddies and after diagnosing the problem we’re pretty sure the PCB is a pile of shit. The thing gets insanely hot, and the voltage controllers appear to not be behaving correctly.

Rather than repair the board (too much work) we’re going to replace it, but I am the only one with any knowledge of gaming or peripherals, they aren’t sure what board we need and would recommend a direct replacement. As you can’t order a direct replacement from madcatz (out of warranty) I am thinking we use a PCB like the dual strike or phreak mods one, only I know shit all about this and am unsure what I need?

I would like it to function as normal, plug and play in PC recognized as a 360 controller if possible. My buds are completely competent and comfortable with soldering. What board do I need? I do not care to use the stick on PS3, I’m a PC player so that is my primary concern. I noticed the dual strike says ‘works on PC as MAME compliant’ or something? I don’t even know what that means, I’d like it to work as a normal 360 stick would - so plug in, recognize, play.

Could someone please let me know what exactly I’m looking for? And where I might find it for a semi-reasonable price. I’m based in Switzerland so an EU based shop would save me a lot on shipping if such a thing exists.

Thanks a bunch

I honestly have no idea what shops there are in the EU but your best bet for getting xbox 360 functionality back in that stick would be to replace the pcb with the xbox 360 pcb of a madcatz sfxtekken fightpad.

It is not hard for normal joes to do so I am sure your EE buddies can get it up and working for you no problem. At gamestops in the US we can get them for 30 bucks and i am sure they are cheaper on amazon. I have no idea how much they would be for you but check your local game stores I suppose.