What rush down characters are there, and who are they?....of SF

Im into playing as ken becuz hes a rushdown character.

are there n e other rush down characters or aggressive characters?

You’re going to have to help us out an tell us in what game. =p

ummm of street fighter lol…

Assuming you’re talking about SF4, you’ve got Abel, Cammy, Viper, Dudley, Fuerte, Gen(?), Guy, Ibuki, Makoto, Dictator and Rufus minimum, then you’ve got characters that can do multiple roles like the Shotos, Cody, Seth, Dee Jay, Juri, etc.

Some of those are a bit safer/better than others, though. Excluding the difficult to use/less effective characters, I’d probably recommend Abel, Dictator, or Rufus to a newer player for rushdown.

Ken, Cammy, C. Viper, Fuerte, Makoto, and Ibuki, and to a degree the following: Dudley, Abel, Akuma, Guy, and Rufus.

I say to a degree for the last few because they aren’t full out rushdown characters, they can do very well playing passive as well as aggressive, although they shine when rushing. Really just about any character can be played rushdown though, hell, you could try and play Zangief as a rushdown.

wait no rog in yourlist… whats up with that!

Makoto counts as Rushdown. Definitely, did not know that.

He’d fall under the “etc” part with multiple roles; he can rushdown, turtle it out, zone, pretty much anything. Surprisingly versatile.

Theres more then one SF game?

You dont say…

From a Ken player…

You dont say…

What would you classify her as?

automatic loss

I wasn’t being sarcastic or anything.

If I had to classify her from what I’ve experienced she’s rather versatile.