What s inside the KOF12 x360 disc?

here we go:

from mugenchina …

has already been post somewhere?
it’s like the thing with the kof2k2unlimited match (ex. o. iori )? :wow:

Whats the purpose of this?

.data:827B06C4 .long aBoss_chara # “boss_chara”
.data:827B06C8 .long aDarkash_chara # “darkash_chara”

Does this mean there are hidden characters? Or future DLC?

that’s a good question :slight_smile: i don’t know what to say…it’s just strange…it’s like they were planning to put all those chars … maybe in the new kof or future dlc…
i just wanted to post it, if this thread is so useless well just close it… can’t see why but whatever

Looks like DLC characters to me.

No K in the list? Awww…

I’ll probably think about adding Bad Allocation to my team. Look at all the data on him!

LOL! Bad Allocation’s data dose look bad ass! I can’t wait to see what he/she can do!

Looks more like characters that did not quite make it.

Remember SF3 NG has info for Hugo on it, but he was unfinished and did not make the release.

**OBVIOUSLY those chararacters are in the data because KOFXII was going to continue the Ash Saga, but after 4 years, they knew it would take another 1 or 2 years to add the rest. and they needed to start making money now.

So they made KOFXII into a dream match. and saving the story for KOFXIII. **

DarkAsh is definitely a boss or final boss intended for the climax of the saga.

even if KOFXII gets character DLC, don’t expect all of these listed to be added as DLC, because of course they want to give KOFXIII(13) characters KOFXII didn’t have, and of course DarkAsh proves that’s one of the bosses for the final chapter of the saga. so things like that will be saved for KOFXIII.

but I’m impressed with the data. this proves they intended Takuma to return as part of the AOF team.

and Yuri would reunite with Mai and King to form the Women’s team again.

and Vice is alive as well. and it seems they planned to add 98 version of Iori to the game, but yeah, the rest of the characters were a tad too ambitious with the time it takes to finish these sprites. but which ones will be DLC and which ones are saved for KOFXIII are anyone’s guess.
.data:827B06F0 .long aBadAllocation # “bad allocation” lines hint that there were other characters planned to be added as well (K’, Kula, Maxima, Blue Mary, Ramon, Vanessa and one other…Adelheid?)** but like I said, there wasn’t time and money to add everyone after 4 years (normally a game like Elder Scrolls IV takes 4 years to develop. which shows how much work was put into the KOFXII sprites, considering KOF used to be released every year since sprites were simpler and easier back then.)

Didn’t I tell you to stop typing in bold? Or is it that same screen problem from before?

And WTF Dark Ash.

Don’t forget Vice, she was in that list as well.

Brings the total to 10.

Holy crap did I just see King?

I’m excited.

You sir, are repped for this.

Hmmm. Quite interesting. They wouldn’t put unfinished characters on the disc, would they?

I knew Ash had a secret ever since his eyes changed in 2003.

Dark Ash is probably the result of his true form or if he combines the power of Kusanagi flames, Yagami flames, and the Kagura’s Mirror.

KOFXIII story will probably have two final bosses like 2003 (depending on certain conditions).
because if Ash is playable in that game, then his playability would contradict the Dark Ash
boss fight. so to fight Dark Ash, you have to make sure he’s not in your team.
and if he is in your team, they might end up fighting someone else.

it was similiar in KOF97. if Iori was in the team, they wouldn’t fight Wild/Riot/Orochi Iori.

Ha! And I thought SNK screwed up with the game. Apparently they knew what they wanted, but just couldn’t.

KOFXIII should be much more promising. Hopefully they’ve started on it.

that data might just be empty slots prepared to add them, but that doesn’t mean all of their sprites and tested gameplay is finished. it’s hard to say if all of them will be added as DLC, but I still say all of that data was unused slots at a time when they thought they would have enough time to add everyone before the arcade/home version would be released. but that wasn’t the case.

that’s why we see hints of the story from Iori’s changes, Mature’s return, Kensou’s differences, Raiden’s inclusion (normally dream matches never add new characters not found in previous KOF.) Leona’s return. etc. etc.

judging from the layouts, Elizabeth takes over ash’s place with the 2003 Hero Team, while Ash is a Single entry. also the hwa between Kim and Raiden leaves me to belive its short for HoWAard. Rock Howard I presume though if Billy is True, then Geese is possible too

There is still hope… Mai… I know you’re in there somewhere…

I was thinking Hwa Jai from Fatal Fury.

I wonder who Hwa is.

Or he could do the same that the '97 New Face Team did, or he could actually use that Yata Mirror you know?

Makes sense seeing how he’s between Kim and Raiden.