What;s the best joystck for Tekken (preferably something that can be placed inside a TE S)

I’ve been getting into Tekken lately and want to main Heihachi or Kazuya, but the sanwa stick in the TE S makes it hard to do that since it doesn’t get from n to f to n fast enough, and I need to be able to do that so I can wavedash or just even crouch dash because it’s near impossible for me to do it quickly on 1P side.

So what’s the joystick with the most restriction? (Or at least something where there’s not too much space between neutral and the other directions)

i think the ls-56-01 has the shortest throw and it’ll fit in a TE as long as you have the ms plate. I heard most hardcore tekken players use the fanta stick, but you’d need to modify the TE for that stick.

Can I still use the octagon gate that was on the Sanwa stick on the Seimitsu?

no, you’d have to get one specifically for the LS-56-01

Myoungshin Fanta

LS-40 and LS-56 have the shortest engagement (4mm) and throw (7.5mm). The LS-56 is much stiffer. All the common Japanese sticks have way shorter engagement and throw than the Korean Myoungshin Fanta.


Most people will say a fanta stick especially if they are into tekken.
Here is a pic of a fanta in a te

Panels available here, http://thegamesurgeons.com/Lightning%20Label%20Homepage2.html

So which plate am I supposed to get, is it the MK one only?
So the Fanta has the same type of plugs as the Sanwa? I never got to see a picture of the bottom of it.

The Fanta has 4 individual microswitches with .187 connectors (like most American/Euro sticks). You’d need the plate from blklightning21 and a modified harness to connect the microswitches (or solder it up directly).

No my panels have the mount holes for Korean sticks, Japanese sticks, and american sticks

Here is an example of the top of the plate

here is the bottom

It is mounted with spacers to keep the spacing correct.
also it is not only available in mk layout, it is available in any layout you want. I have certain layouts stocked but you could always even do a custom layout
http://thegamesurgeons.com/Madcatz TE Replacements Panels3.html

Also robokrikit is right you will need to modify a cable. You can get a spare from here
it is really simple, you cut off the end piece that goes into the jlf. strip the end of the wires and crimp on some qds remembering to daisy chain the ground and you are good to go.

I honestly suggest this because i like the db15

but some find it hard.