What SA do you use against certain characters?

what SA do you use against certain characters?

Yun: SA1

With Chun-Li, I usually start with SA1. If I think that I can use more EX effectively or if they’re more aggressive, SA2. Same with Yang, Ibuki, Twelve and Elena to some extent.

Makoto: SA3

Everybody else: SA2

y use SA3 in a mirror match, if i may ask?

i also choose my SA based on wether i think i can utilize ex’s more (like when i fight hugo, i feel like SA1 just cant save my scrub ass, so i use SA2) or when big damage would be most useful (like the twins, tagging them w/ SA1 can pretty much screw them up).

but i most commonly stick to SA2, just to get better at doin the stun combo. :>

SA2 I use against everyone.

karakusa>hp>super>kara-mp fukiage>fukiage = 100% stun = 100% peace out nukka! :nunchuck:

Just for fun… I hate the matchup… helluh-random rock-paper-scissors tournament, really. It’s satisfying to make some random DP, activate, juggle, resetXXstun/dead maneuver.

omgwtf, what button do you kara and which punch for fukiage?

I use sa1 for offensive punkasses like ken, dudley, etc

I use sa3 vs sean :stuck_out_tongue:

This is explained in another thread, but it’s cool. You kara it with Roundhouse make sure you dont do it with Short. And the Fukiage has to be Strong. :tup:

You can kara MP and LP Fukiage with HK for the combo to work.

SA1 on Yun and occasionally Akuma, SA2 everyone else.

SA1 across the board

cant go wrong with SAI.

SA1 if they’re turtles, SA2 if they’re offensive. Exept necro SA2 that bitch

The reason is that SA1 can be used as a punisher from longer distances and since turtles are much harder to grab em with karakusa ( even less frecuent to be able to be in position for a SA2 ) you’ll need the long distance punisher of hayate link to SA1 for wiffed pokes and shit while you can still rushdown :karate: SA2 you’ll need the ex more to cripple the opponents offensive!!!

However, in the end use the super art you’re most familiar with.