What Seimitsu parts fit in the TE?


The official thread states that you can put in Seimitsu buttons and a joystick, but makes no mention exactly what sticks and buttons would work. By “work” here, I mean you can simply take out the Sanwa parts, put in the Seimitsu parts (no soldering required) and be done. Being fairly new to stick building and wanting to mod my TE (in pretty newbie way) knowing what parts to buy is crucial. That said, could someone just list *all *of the Seimitus parts that are drop and replace in a TE? In addition, anything else one might need to know such as what mounting plates to get to fit the TE, and so forth, would be good to know.

(We need an official “How to Mod your TE” thread, similar to the one the SE has. There was one made a few weeks ago but the guy never updated his post beyond being a place holder so it faded away.)

Thanks for any help here.


IIRC, it’s been stated a few times that the SE and TE have identical mounting plates. If I’m correct then everything that’s in the SE modding FAQ should be applicable here.


that is correct!


What they said, plus: any 30mm Seimitsu pushbutton with .110" lugs for the pushbuttons
therefore, PS-14-KN, PS-14-GN, from LizardLick… Or you could try Akihabara Shop.


Thanks. Hadn’t considered that the SE would be the same as the TE. Are there any relevant differences? I read in the SE thread that there is a problem using threaded buttons because of a lack of space near the the light kick button. Does the same hold true for the TE?


Word is the Seimitsu mounting nuts can just fit under the mounting plate that’s in the way. Or else it only takes a little trimming. The Sanwa button nuts are a lot taller, so they need a lot more trimming to fit.

Either way, you can get away with using a screw-in button. It just might take a bit more work.