What separates a good chun from a scrubby chun?


i’ve seen both, and i’m wondering what are some of the bigger differences. smart usage of back + fierce? kara throws? tick setups? NEVER missing low forward into super?

i’m trying to really learn chun li myself, so any vids of good chuns would be greatly appreciated or tips in general. i’ve read all the old chun li threads and i’ve got ohnuki vids from the evo dvd and online, but not much else.



Most of this stuff is quite basic, but hell, Chun is easy. All you really need is a strong ground game and mental composure.

Solid execution. A good Chun almost never miss low forward into super, back fierce into super, standing roundhouse into super, UOH into super!

Good meter management. A good Chun knows when to pressure and when to jump back and charge meter!

Smart use of kara-throws (Chun’s only real way to break the opponent’s defense). A good Chun throws like a bitch when she got meter!

Good sense of observation. A good Chun always punishes patterns!

Good spacing, footsies and sense of hit/vulnerable boxes. A good Chun severely limits the opponent’s movement!

Mental strength. A good Chun forces mistakes but rarely does any!

Last, but not least:



Chill out, BK. =)


don’t forget the super yatta pose you do irl when you win :confused:


Hey, at least he isn’t putting random special moves after every sentence. Hadoken!

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she’s got decent air game too…jumping fierce fierce chain, jumping down-fierce into super, air throw…gets to be pretty fucking annoying.


jumping down fierce into super?really?
i haven’t seen that before…:eek:

scrubby question:
how to link back fierce?







why does this man in thong never do those flashy combo in match

but only unblockables?


maybe i’m wrong…but i’m pretty sure i’ve done it. maybe i’m wrong, meh.

as for Urien’s flashy combos, you don’t consider the Urien corner unblockable combos flashy? watch Evo 2002 Tokido vs ANYONE.


Whether the player wins or not
Did you actually ask this question. It must be the easiest thing to figure out. If the Chun player wins consistently then that player is a good Chun player.


i did ask the question because some people can win with chunners by doing stupid scrubby shit because she’s just such a good character already. i was wondering what top players do that separates their chuns from others.

and thanks for the advice thus far, keep it coming!


Bk was on the money. Chun is a very simple character to figure out, after that it’s just developing your mind games (like any player would anyway…)

Case in point, I’m an absolute scrub at 3S. At my arcade, saying I have a 10% winning average would be stretching it. Then I pick Chunners, all of the sudden I’m 50%+ winning average, and I don’t practice with her much at all. I just know how to build meter with her and her super links.


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It’s a disease. Adding the “sarcasm” brackets will destroy any humor in the original comment.

And you were wrong, Urien flashes all the time during EX moves. EX Headbutt = flashy 2 hit combo. Hypaaaa HORNAY.


once i saw a ken doing a 12 hit combo.


you want flashy ??


si o no


Watch Ricky. Also try to never cancel the c.mk, just link it. Hit confirmation is very important to playing a 3S Chun, same with CvS2 Chun. You should NEVER have a blocked super. Build meter and be patient. Rocket Uppercut.