What separates an amazing Yang from an average one?



Theres comes a point with any character, where you have your execution down, you know your pokes well and everything, but thats not enough.
Specifically with Yang, what is the factor that decides your outcome in battle. Is it controlling divekicks, hitting hard combos, using a specific normal because it just seems to work in a lot of situations, what really separates the contenders from the pretenders.



Not being rude, but in-game knowledge such as mechanics goes a long way with Yang because of the amount of tools he has (had).






Wind, water and heart.


^ Without fire and earth you can’t summon Earth’s greatest champion Captain Planet… the power will not be his with these elements missing:sad:

  • Set-ups after your specials, throws, and sweep
  • Unique resets and dive kick pressure (since, really, Yang has more options in offense than 95% of the cast, and you can be really, really creative) that work well against good players
  • Mastering Seiei Enbu in any situation
  • DP OS on hit or block
  • Managing your meter is really, really important for Yang. Knowing when to go to Seiei Enbu, FADC, saving your meter, or even knowing when it’s necessary to EX DK to end your combos.


Finally a good answer and not just someone failing at being funny.
Thanks a lot


I say using ALL of his tools effectively. Humanbomb is my favorite Yang player to watch because he combos into U2 in every possible way instead of just slash X2 FADC U2. He actually command dashes and uses EX mantis slashes which most Yangs (myself included) do not. I also like that he usually cancels normals into roll kicks instead of mantis slashes for better setups instead of damage. Yang has enough tools that you don’t need to use all of them to win, but every time I look at a replay, I always see a time where I could have made use of command dash or ex command grab or s,lk or something else that I don’t normally think about.

So using everything he has and adding a bit of freestyle.


Bullshit. Cap was summoned once without all five powers. Wasn’t pretty, dude couldn’t set shit on fire or anything.


Siitch and chi assume gave awsome answers. Ill come back when my yang is above average. I do use ex slashes and command dashes though…but my reflexes are too strong with slashes in combos to use the dp. But even if I did dp… I really don’t know what to do on the opponents wakeup. Gotta work in everything in sittch’s response! And the more I play yang…the better I am at watching high level yang players play. Guess I gotta keep repeating this.

My replays included with high level yang replays… Might be a good idea to watch a good yang fight the same match up as me back to back… His replay, then immidiently mines! And spot difference!

Practice is good, but the more knowledge you have the better practice works. Not just practice! But more knowledge and experience separates average yangs from 5000pp yangs!

  I know damn well I spelled immidiently wrong.........

Man…all of these yang threads I look at are old…