What seperates someone who is really good to an average player


Ive been using Balrog for a long time. I know where most of his pokes reach, I usually know which move to use. Sometimes FA rape me cause im playing stupid but anyway, so today I was just getting killed for some reason. I just couldn’t win and I used to rarely use. So I switched to my secondary Bison and played a bit. First match I got was a Balrog, Judging by his BP and PP he was about just as experienced as me. He seemed to play Balrog almost the exact same way as me but he destroyed me. How do we play like the same style, and hes destroying me and im loseing to like average people?


Matchup knowledge, ingame smarts, being so accustomed to the game that they can do massively damaging combos on reaction without even thinking about it.

All of those come with experience and practice. Ingame smarts isn’t going to come naturally to everyone, you really have to think hard about what you’re doing in the game, don’t just throw things out for the sake of doing something.


Yea but like sometimes, you have a purpose of doing something, you just turn out to be horribly wrong lmao. Like my bad habit seems to be Straights with Balrog. I know like max distance with it and it is safe on block unless like Chun Li has super or something, So I throw it out to try to create pressure, and chip damage every now and then can add up. But like sometimes I just get raped with FA and what was working for me amazingly in one game, ends up giving someone a free ultra the next game.


Well, first of all as a Rog mainer, I have to say you should NEVER throw out dash punches just for the sake of chip and pressure, only put them out in combos or to break through projectiles/punish. There are far better ways with Rog to create pressure.

Your goal with Rog is really to use your amazing zoning game to pressure your opponent back towards the corner (however if you can land dash upper that really speeds things up, which is where combos come in if you can get a hit confirm, headbutt is good too if they try to jump and you know how to use it), then keep them in the corner where Rog truly excels, it’s very hard to get out of the corner against Rog. He has so many tools to maintain pressure that you shouldn’t just throw dash punches out there.

And of course the same thing isn’t going to always work, that’s where the thinking part comes in. The idea is to learn your character so well that you know everything the opponent can throw at you and how to react to it. You’ll also learn how to read the opponents playstyle and adapt to it. It’s all just experience. There is no one tactic that will work against all opponents, you have to ADAPT.


But a max range short dash punch is safe on block except for liek chun lis super isnt it?. Using max range short dash straight and like Cr HK are like his best pokes arn`t they?


But you’re getting focus attacked when you use them too much.

You’re being too predictable with it.


But if they’re max range, they’ll get an FA lvl 1 at best, unless he’s running into obes that were already being charged. I do agree that his strategy of using dash straights against bison isn’t a good one however. Bison is prinarily a footsie character so you need to use your normals to poke and counter-poke bison untill you push him into the corner.

To answer your first question OP, i think that quite a few things separate the average from the good. Having a gameplan, footsies, punishes, execution, anticipation, reactions etc etc. Most of these come from experience but the others you have to commit to practicing every day or youll never improve.


Random dash punch = free Gekirinken <3


Doing random dash punches won’t get you far really. You’re saying it’s safe but in the same breath you’re saying it’s making you lose? So stop doing it… lol.


Endless battle, do’nt pay attention to peoples rank, I played a D rank with 0 points yesterday and he destroyed me with combo’s I did’nt know exsited.


Long Range Dash Punch equals free Uppercut


Its cute how many times you say “like” in between ideas



There not long range, there max range short dash punches were are safe on block, i just run into focus attacks to much because im predictable.


You also need to realize that the higher level people you play they will be able to focus a short dash punch on reaction because they’re just that good.

Which is why this can be a bad habit to start now, especially after plenty of other rog players have told you it’s bad to do.

If you simply must then through out his armor breaker every once in a while aswell to make them pay for focus attacking every time you come in.


I think your looking too much into the wrong places

to be a top player i think the key is blocking especially with a character like balrog


Yes, but I wasn’t talking about on block. Ryu can SRK you before you hit him, resulting in a FADC Ultra for him.

BTW: Have I ever played you? the name seems very familiar


Regardless of the range, it’s bad to do, even though it’s safe on block for the most part. The whole point is you can’t just expect one tactic to win matches, you have to constantly be changing things up and adapting.


I dont know if we’ve ever played I rarely pay attention to the names that I play online im usually just practicing a character lol.

Thanks for the advice I gota start changing it up. But I dont expect that one tactic to win matches for me, Im just saying its something Il throw out 3 or 4 times a match.


I was wondering if this would be said. Get your block game on par it will help a lot


all cause you’re the the correct ‘safe’ range doesn’t mean you have to do a move.