What server do NY players use for minimum delay?

Because seriously the shit was horrible for me. I know some of the people that post here are actually good and I dont see how anyone good can tolerate that half second of button delay. I must have been in a bad server for my location right?

Also whats this I hear about mame 64 having more delay then other emu’s over kaillera? Is this true? I want to give this shit another shot.

GW servers are east coast, if I’m not mistaken, and even being on the west coast myself, gameplay is not bad at all for me on them. Then again, maybe I’ve just become de-sensitized to the difference in gampelay… :xeye:

Check out anti3d’s server list. Try the four East Coast servers…they should all be decent for you. I get a ping of upper-70’s on one, and pings of upper-90’s on the others, and like I said, gameplay is not all that noticeably affected.


Make32k is buggy, no matter what, but it too is not bad. Some folks claim .61 is better than .64, but I never see anybody playing anything other than .64. Kawaks is supposed to be better for SF, but here again any differences are all but unnoticeable, imho.

I use kawaks usually and it seems true for me most of the time, but still havent determiend for sure whether its jsut superstition or not. But generally I do notice more delay on amme .64 especially on games like ST and the alpha games. I’ve had near-perfect seeming games on kawaks for lots of diff games, but i cant really recall many like that on mame

also sometimes using less populated good servers seems to work better for me…

Hey, the lag on kaillera does suck. If you want to play sf2 .Its best to play it on zbattle. IM me if you want to try it out. I bet we can get it way better then kaillera lag might not even feel existant. Its a lot better then kaillera and xbox but it has its diiferences. all in all its the best.

Yeah I played on zbattle before. Why the hell cant kaillera run like that? I’m as basic as they come when it comes to old school though. I’m mostly a cvs2/3s player. I love the old shit but some of these guys just kill me. They know the game too damn well.

Kawaks isn’t half bad for some games, but I get bad animation with a3. My gfx card’s probably too crappy to handle it.

Has Keillera been working for you guys? The website’s been down for a few days.

The web site’s been down for about a month (maybe longer…can’t remember for sure). You can manually enter IP addresses to connect to active servers. There’s a server list at www.anti3d.com, which has the most popular active servers.