What SF covers are hard for you to find?


For those who are collecting multiple covers which ones are the hardest to find? Or the most expensive and you wont buy them for the high price?


Well they’re all pretty hard to find except on the American eBay site.

But the hardest to find IMO are the Virgin covers (That I don’t bother with) the Power Foil covers, which usually build a fairly high price at eBay, & the Christmas #4 is very limited apparently the most limited cover so far.


SF issue 0 is the hardest cover for me to find, but ill wait til i can find one for cheap price.:cool:


At a reasonable price, the #00 issues are definately the hardest for me to find, although I must say that I’m not too interested in the Virgin covers nor the Foil covers.


This one was hard to get


Of all the #00 issues, the San Diego variant is probably the hardest to find. They’re all limited to 2,000 copies, except for the Akuma covered one, limited to 3,000 copies. Also, I think the DF ones had a run of the same cover with foiled title… not sure of how many, though.



Hm I got all my rarer issues such as #0’s, Christmas #4, a couple of power foils off eBay & I found #0 to be pretty common up on the site, I know one seller who always has loads & sells them for a minimum of $9.99 each.

BTW you asure it’s San Diego for 2000 copies?
I thought it was:
San Diego-4000 copies
Wizard World-3000 copies
Canadian-2000 copies



Every cover except Issue #0


That site is expensive, I mean $37 bucks for the christmas cover!:mad: You can get it off of ebay for $9.


Nortlee -
Actually, I believe I was wrong about the SDCC edition of Issue #00… In issue #02, it says in the back that it was limited to 3,000, so we were both off by 1,000 :).

Nice catch… I think most of the sellers on eBay have been claiming the SDCC#00 was limited to 2,000, so that’s where I think I got that number from.

Kind of curious though, the SDCC#00 is worth the most of all the #00 ($16.95 MSRP, I believe), but has more copies than the Toronto cover and the Dynamic Forces one also (not including the runs of the foil editions). Oh well, I suppose since it’s the coolest looking #00 edition cover, in my opinion.



OK so we were both wrong oh well we were close, can’t remember where I read about it, think it was eBay, though I did read the bit in #2 but forgot what it said ages ago:D

I read at eBay that Canadiant variant was limited to 2000 & WizardWorld (Which is definite) for 3000, but I can’t remember where I read about San Diego…

I personally agree that the San Diego cover looks the best though I always got the impression that it was the WizardWorld Akuma variant that was most hunted, it cost me $24 at eBay. San Diego cost $13 & Canadian $16


Damn it I NEED those #00s… Sandiago, Canadian and Wizard - Gotta catch em all…

If everyone knows a good place to pick them up (other than eBay) then let me know.

Mohammed Ali