What shoudl I do?

What is a good game plan for Chun li? I like to walk in, crouch, and do mk. And when I jump, I always do lk…

SBK traps

Wut version of the SBK r u supposed to use?

chun li’s bread and butter…? anybody can help me with this…?

Mix up the versions of the SBK. Mind you they dont work on everyone, as a lot of characters can duck the SBK.

As far as her b&b, I use -

  1. cr.jab x2, s.strong, Kioken (blocked)
  2. cr.jab, close s.fierce Spinning Bird Kick/Kioken

And as far as game plan for Chun, I tend to rushdown a lot. It helps a lot of she has meter because every landed hit is a potential Super. Basically jump in/crossup with Short’s and poke with strong’s and all that good stuff.


got any better idea…?