What should a new Viper be doing in Training mode?

I’m actually new to SF in general, but what should I practice with Viper? I’ve been playing SSF4: AE (and Viper) for only 3 weeks.

From watching vids and talking to some of my friends locally, I’ve listed some things to get more comfortable with in Training mode: Seismo Chains, Seismo > HJC BK, HJ OTG BKs (these are really tough for me to do consistently), BK crossups on wake up, practicing AA, and a really basic OS: cr.MP/MK/HP into MP TK after blocking.

Does this seem like a good training “regime”, or is there anything I should add/take away? I’ve been toying with FFF, but I don’t know if that’s something I should really add, considering how newb I am :sunglasses:

Basically, you’re doing well as you’re focusing on grasping the basics. But I do suggest you add feinting in the mix and that you add c.lp, s.lk, c.mp xx thunder knuckle as a basic BNB. Get comfortable with C.MP xx MP TK as a staple punish and alternate with C.HP xx EX Seismo as another staple punish. What’s also very important is that you learn some simple blockstrings, like s.lk, s.lk, c.mp xx TK Feint. And as you’re practicing those crossup BK’s, get familiar with the Anti-DP setups. Remember though, some characters can avoid these with moves that lower their hitbox, so use them sparingly against shotos.

Learn how to feint your chained seismos and learn how to use thunder knuckle feints in blockstrings. I strongly suggest you start getting comfortable with doing HP TK feints as early as you can for it’ll help you in the long run. Also, don’t just practice AA, but practice AA into Ultra. Get familiar with the timing and learn to determine when you’re too far or in range.

As for OS’es, I’d also add J.HP > EX Thunder Knuckle to catch teleporters (Bison, Akuma, Seth, Dhalsim).

Once you’ve grasped these basics, you should start adding Meterless FADC’d normals/seismo’s to the mix. You can also start learning frametraps/counterhit setups. But for now, you’ve got a good fundament to build.

id start with being able to feint all normals with either mp or hp feint(preferably hp feint). once you can do that 110% of the time, learn fff and then burn kick mixups/loops. then start add them together(example j. hk, hp, tk feint, low trajectory burn kick.). after learn siesmo chains, sjc ultra, meterless fadc, etc.

That’s some good information. I’ll have to try that.

Spot on.

@s4ntana you may have trouble understanding how to execute the more advanced techniques like TK feints (in Fierce Feint Fierce combos, etc) and Super Jump Cancels, but it’s nothing that a bit of practice will help rectify. Keep in mind 2 things about viper. Executing moves/combos isn’t about speed, it’s about accuracy and timing, so don’t rush it. Also don’t be discouraged if you can’t seem to win, she’s not easy, but a very rewarding character to play. In general, since you are new to SF, I suggest doing trials for all characters. This will help you get a feel for the games mechanics and speed up learning match ups. Check out vesper arcade on youtube and look at how they input the moves.

in all honesty if you want to be a good viper early on i would suggest learning sjc ultra. once you learn it it can really help you win. it may seem hard but it actually can be pretty easy if you are doing the correct motion with the timing instead of just randomly mashing. also i would suggest not using viper against other people that much until you can consistently do all those things listed. instead i would recommend using ryu to learn basic footsies etc and guile(or dahlsim) so you can master defense(blocking and teching). as a viper player i feel that defense is what really matters. you can have the best offense in the world but if you cant play defense your gunna lose a lot. defense teaches you to read you opponent, make good decisions, stay calm no matter the situation and as a viper player these are the things you need and should strive for. it wont be easy, but it is well worth it because an opponent that can barely penetrate your D is going to get frustrated, fuck up and do stupid things in desperation which is what vipers want.