What should a tournament listing include?

With the increase in tournament action this there, there is also an increase in conflicts between events and players due to miscommunication or misinformation.

This thread is to get your thoughts on what you would want a tournament listing to include. Please try to list clear questions, some examples are:

What format(s) will the tournament be played on:
What is the venue fee:
Will 100% of the entry fees for the tournament go to the prizes:
If not, how much will go towards the prizes.
What Televisions will be used for the event (for lag purposes):

Maybe we can get a list of guidelines for tournament directors to follow, not only to make sure that the attendees know what is going on, but so that the directors know what issues they need to address in the planning stages.

Some listings lack the real basic info like:

Location address:
Start Time:

There needs to be clarity on the console of choice. People still try to change it mid-tournament, but the TO can’t be too clear.

Besides the obvious where/when is it and what games are being played…

  • Console of choice
  • BYOC/pre-established controller choice
  • Entry fee and how winnings are split
  • Is there a venue fee?
  • Format based on number of entrants (i.e. if we hit 64 entrants, we’ll do pools to seed the final bracket)
  • Policy on character changes
  • For team tournaments, whether you can double up on characters or not
  • How will DQs be handled? How late for a match do you have to be before you are DQed?

I always still see a lot of tourneys that don’t even have a city/state in their title, so I’d re-emphasize that in this thread, too.