What should be done with DJ's Slide?

i mean its an ok anti air in certain situations and at the right distance its kinda safe but its so friggin slow! The recovery time is awful too!

I used DJ in the old games and it was one of his main weapons, in this one its left as just an anti air ;p

Make it similar to blanka’s where it is virtually safe from long ranges and like roses slide too

Adon’s N j. RH beats slide as well as honda’s jump ins

Decrease startup, decrease active frames, increase distance traveled, decrease recovery. That’d basically make it rose’s slide with a higher hitbox and knockdown. Big wish but it won’t happen.

i hope they improve it, its what makes Dee Jay! i mean if you improve guiles backhand to what it used to be they should do the same for DJ!

It loses to Rufus dive kicks too

haha yea Dee Jay’s slide as it is right now sucks pretty bad.

Just speed it up. That’s all it needs. Make it execute in about 2/3 of the time it currently does. That means it’ll come out faster and recover faster.

yea the slide terrible. in hdr and st i could throw a max out then slide twice after while being fully charged.

My qualms with it are only cause from max distance, it can still get punished. But after using Vega for a minute, you can make even the worst slides effective, as long as you make it so you can’t eat something nasty.

I mean, from max distance on a shoto, you can probably eat a sweep from Akuma, C.mk > Hadoken, or Forward s.Mk from Ken. From up close, you can eat a Shoryu FADC ultra, so don’t do it. But if you use it for characters with bad footsies, or from slow and slideable fireballs, its a great move.

I miss his Turbo slide, but I don’t mind this one that much cause c.mk is gdlk. Just wish it was easier to slide the fireball.

The slide just needs to have decreased Recovery. The slide is fine only as a defensive tool. This is (unfortunately), not ST or A3 so we have to jus’ make due with what it CAN do in THIS game. On that note, Slide can be used for getting PAST certain height dive kicks and FB’s. Used as Punish for Max-Out jump overs. Tatsu Cross Under… Imean it can be used. Just have to use it at the and for the right reason…IMO.

I’m pretty sure they made the slide the way it is, just so it can go under fireballs. It’s not bad, but it’s not what it was in SF2.

I mostly use it like Guile’s knee bazooka; to cover ground while retaining charge, after an air slasher. I don’t think it needs improvement, since SSF4 is a different game. It just can’t be used like it was in SF2.

It was a tool for positioning and pressure in SF2. I don’t think it needs to go under fireballs to be useful for those purposes. It needs to be faster and safer.

It should be fully invincible, start up in 2 frames, and have a hitbox akin to Blanka’s electricity (except it also hits low in the front). I think that’d make us all happy. Oh and recovery should be pretty close to Guile lp Sonic Boom, thought maybe a little bit less since it’s not a projectile.

lol I’d like that

So how about a realistic fit lol better startup and recovery would solve my problems. Even if left me @ -8 so it can be thrown if not spaced correctly

just make it faster, its very slow.

Naw, recovery frames HAVE to be reduced…it’s like -11 or 12 on block. It’s dumb. But in the state that they did put slide in the game as, what SHOULD it be used for?
AA, close FB Punish, and whiff punish maybe for some slower characters?