What should I do after a failed/successful Cannon Strike(DIVE KICK)?



Hi, recently, i had been playing against abel, and found that after my dive kick, I am always left fewer option than Abel and got punished by him.

For example, after i knock him down, then i jump over him and do a dive kick while he is getting up.

Since the dive kick wont combo even it hits(as the kick is definitely above his shoulder), he always throw out tornado throw on me, and i got punished hardly.

situation becomes worse when my dive kick did not hit. when my dive kick did not hit, what do u recommend i should do?? cuz when it doesnt hit, i got punished by every character in the game, do we have any frame advantage for the blocked dive kick?

I always thought cammy has a nice mix up game and started to main her, and just found out her dive kick isnt even an overhead, and most importantly, it doesnt combo unless it hit low, which is totally irrelevant to wake up mix up.

Please advise me.

thank you veru much budds


Mash her dp. Usually a great idea


if the opponent keeps blocking the dive kick do crossup short to switch it up or after an knockdown do instant ex dive kick as they are getting up baiting grab after you condition them to look out for the grab.


There is a thread called “ask simple questions here” for questions like this. The fact that you thought the dive kick was an overhead makes me feel like you don’t know too much about the character, so there isn’t much point giving you mixups and frame traps and things until you get the basics.

I suggest playing around a bit more, getting more of a feel for the character and maybe just watching some youtube videos of what people do.

Or just mash dp.


Hey. Its a good idea !! lol just dp :slight_smile:




this. your opponent might see it and taunt aswell, giving u a wide opportunity to do a massive combo. very very practical



We don’t need troll answers here guys.


Learn to feel out the dive kick.