What should I do after a knock down?


Hi guys,

I am a beginner at SF5, and I am trying to get better by learning from my mistakes and loss.

There is however one thing that I am really struggling with, it is “What to do after getting knocked down”.
If the other player is standing right in front of me when i wake up, sometimes he will do a throw, sometimes a light punch, sometimes a DP, or whatever.

To me it sounds like a rock-paper-scissor game, if I think he is gonna do a throw, then I have to counter by doing a throw myself, but if he does a DP I am screwed.

How do you guys deal against that ? Is it only a matte of luck/mind game ?


It comes down to mindgames/reads. Your default action should be blocking. Risk/Reward is pretty much on your side if you block. The other options should be used rarely.