What should I do after I get Pwned?

SF3:3S is my game. I LOVE IT.

Today on Kaillera I was beaten, over and over, by kinetix (kudos to him).

Anyway, I had a thought. What does a ‘Perfect’ really mean? Objectively, it says “your opponent lost X consecutive mind games, depending on the character”. Does it really validate a player’s skill, though? Also, what do you do if you lose the same mind games over and over? Are the best players simply able to IGNORE their bodily conditioning?

One more thing. I’ve noticed some pros who DON’T ATTACK THEIR OPPONENT AS THEIR OPPONENT IS GETTING UP. This is slightly annoying as they are basically playing a non-mind game. It’s like they’re thinking “If I do this enough times, eventually he’ll do a reversal shoryu and I get huge damage, and I’m completely safe regardless.”

HOW THE HELL TO I GET AROUND THAT? If I do a reversal, I lose. They’re outside throw range, and they’re guarding low. They always attack a split second later (sometimes high, sometimes low) to avoid being walk-up thrown. IS THERE A WAY OUT?

I know the answer is to wait for it and parry or block, but if I block the game resets, and missing parries is something I’ve been doing a lot of recently.

So I guess the real question is, how does a player get better once they’ve learned a great deal about the game? Doesn’t player skill apply? Or is it just a game of “Who’s studied more”?

just keep playing

learn how to block

lol, kenetix just placed 2nd at the last svgl tourney, dont feel bad loosing to him.

answer: just keep playing

plus your questions seem very “newbish”, gotta put more hours into it. I mean your opponent is letting you get up for free! All the time!? Wow I wih ppl where that nice to me.

  1. What a perfect means depends on the game. It means more in 3s then Samurai, but less then it does in say, Marvel.

As for not attacking when the opponent is getting up, if they keep doing it over and over, and you’re not doing anything, one in a rare moon, wakeup throw. That might get them to start attacking again. However, that’s all situation dependent- don’t do risky stuff when it could cost you a round that you’re winning.

BTW getting a game reset when you’re down isn’t a bad thing. That’s actually a good thing. You went from disadvantage to neutral. You don’t have to win the game in one shot. Boxers who go for nothing but head shots tend to lose. Sometimes you have to jab to win. (in other words, don’t be too proud to not take small damage) Also, block. That’s what I think your problem is- you get greedy and try to win all at once- and that’s getting exploited. It’s the same family of game illnesses as superitis.

In high-level play, it usually comes down to mind games in good games, and who can exploit the system more in bad games.

Forget 3S and get on dat Madden yo.

Lol. Madden’s fun.

Madden 06: New Rosters!!
Madden 07: Look! New formation that has something to do with the right analog stick!!
Madden 08: New Rosters!! AND MENU-BASED GAMES! WOOOOOO

Kidding. Seriously though, fightan gaems are more predictable as far as “good plays to call” I think.

You’ll get a lot of “just keep playing” replies because it’s the truth. Eventually, you will learn what works well and what doesn’t the more you play - so that you can make adjustments in areas you have problems with.

train, train, and train some more. I had the same problem over here in austin. The guys at eins would beast on me for free, but everytime I got my ass handed to me I just pop another quarter in. you never learn by just thinking about it, get some exp by playing people on your level or ppl that are better then you to get a feel for whats safe and whats not.

on wake up, it all depends on who the person is playing as. oh and get the SFAC guide, god tier in my book for learning decent attacks, Frame data, and tips. It wont make you Justin Wong over night but its a nice jumping point until you start to create you own kind of style of play.

oh and some good match videos are a good place to study too. Dont copy the players style but look at what attacks are effective and whats no so safe. thats all I can say about that.

Good luck man, keep pressing on no matter what and the rest will soon come to you!


Try shit until you find something that works.



Run away from the computer.

I like your attitude, son.

This is thinking that leads down the scrubby path. Dont try to rationlize it; yeah, you got perfected. In an arcade, that means you would be out the same 50 cents as if you managed to get a hit in. Whoopity do. Dont try and learn what it ‘really’ means, it just means you lost.

Blocking on your wake up is one of hit options in the mindgame, and the one throw counters. Its also the ONLY one that doesnt get beat by a reversal DP. It’s no more a mindfuck that if he tried a meaty or UOH. Know the options he has, know the options you have, and what beats what. If you feel surprised by this move on his part, you haven’t thought about the wakeup game enough.

If they’re outside throw range and not attacking, why are you throwing out a risky DP? What’s wrong with just standing up?

You’re getting up from a knockdown, a position that is advantageous for the opponent; if just standing up or blocking resets the match, that’s a good thing for you!

What make a player good is lofty thinking that doesn’t matter. What you should be doing is focusing on what you need to win more, which includes understanding that mindgame point that is currently fucking with you. You seem surprised by the blocking when you get up, so take some time to understand the options you have on wakeup, and the options you have against a waking opponent. Make a little chart, understand what beats what, and practice your execution until you’re confident. And make sure ‘Do nothing/Block’ is on that list of options.

Sorry for the wordy, but the unanimous ‘just play more’ doesn’t sit well with me. If you dont have an idea what you’re trying to look for, it doesn’t matter how much you play.

Figure out what you did wrong and fix it. He exploited the gaps in your defense, and the most valuable thing you can take away from your defeat is recognizing those gaps and closing them up.

kinetix is my sparing partner in 3s. last time i played him it was 10-6 me. but hes pretty good, dont be down if u lose to him. i tought him of the shit he knows.

how do you play 3s online??!?!?!?!

ummm duh wakeup EX shoryu.

btw, im undefeated against hail and kill in cvs2.

step one: stop saying pwned

step two: get someone to mentor you and help your game out and to tell you what you do wrong and what not.

step three: dont stop playing

this is true.
if he keeps blocking low you should probably mash throw on wake up.