What should I do after I parry?

ok here’s the deal i play at an arcade with a lot of ken players. then there some random people who play makoto, ibuki, dudley, etc. anyhow my problem is that my moves never seem to come out fast enough. and when ever i parry and try to retaliate i get slapped around. so i was wondering what are quick moves or moves with alot of priority that i can use after i parry a jump in or something or when im jumping in and i parry the anti-air?

SA1 / cl.forward xx SA2

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Hyperbomb isn’t reliable against experienced players. but against regular joes, i guess it’ll work.


if you parry a crouching something from max range, Alex can’t really do much. if they don’t have a super charged and you parry say, Ken’s c. forward, wait a bit before retaliating because you’re most likely gonna eat super.

now if you parry a standing attack (or a crouching one at close range) your best bet is close s. forward -> EX Flash Chop. great damage and stun. if you’re too far for s. forward to hit, just bust out EX Flash Chop. it’s generally safe even when blocked (-1 blocked advantage). or if the move your parried has some lag, go for strong Flash Chop -> Powerbomb.

if you parry a jump in, you can either Powerbomb them as they land, or immediately hit them with s. strong -> EX Rising Knee (if that’s the name for it).

lord sharky:

Alex’s c. forward does not buffer or cancel into anything. i think you meant c. short :p.

i mean close s.forward xx SA2/flash chop(jab/EX) -after a ground parry :smiley:
s.strong,EX rising knee after parrying their jump-ins…as what kal el mentioned:D

thanks for the tips oh and btw lord sharky i’m half filipino

oh, i see.:cool:
lots of filipino here in SRK.


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