What should I do against a spammy Akuma?

My friend and I are generally the same skill level (which, as it turns out, isn’t very good). We can both pull off some basic combos, do things like FADC into ultra, etc. But that’s not the problem.

His best character is Akuma, and for some characters I play I just have no idea how to get past his aerial fireballs safely. I can’t dash underneath them or jump over them safely, and FADC through one pretty much does nothing.

My best character is Ryu (although I also play Ken, Abel, Zangief, and Akuma a little bit). What are the options that these characters have against aerial fireball spam?


I just typed this post then got a datanase error :confused:

So to truncate my post: FADC is the best, why doesnt this work for you? Otherwise tatsumaki through them, he’ll be vulnerable after he throws the fireball so he’ll come down with no defense. Abel can just roll past them.

Play cammy. lol. Just spiral arrow through them and nail him on the way down. works wonders. If you know how to play her you can tear him apart. Once you get on him he’s done, having no health is terrible for him, but great for somebody like cammy who has high damage combos. :slight_smile:

IMO, anyway. Just my 2 cents.

Its generally not a great idea for a Gouki to jump all over the place and throw out air hadous. If the other guy knows his way around then the Gouki players gonna eat it hard. Just a few things from the top of my head:

Shotos: If youre close enough, FADC, sweep or combo. If hes stupid enough you might not even need to FADC. If you see him jumping up and you know hes going to air fb, jumping after him and air tatsu is also an option. be careful of late air hadous though. Ryu is also able to just ultra right through and catch him when hes coming down. So is Gouki if youre up against a jump back air hadou guy. Just dash under the hadou and demon, thatll teach him.

For Abel theres of course the roll and following punish at your leisure. FADC through, whatever. If you catch him that way, its a free combo for you, COD into ultra and whatnot. Then theres ex wheelkick. With the right timing you can also ultra through the fb and catch a falling fb spammer.

Dunno bout Gief. They always catch me with ex greenhand when Im not careful.

@Kelter Skelter: He generally does the medium punch air hadou, and when I FADC I’m never close enough to him to attack. And the lag from the dash usually ends up getting me hit by another one (or I block it, but then he just retreats again).

@.Cobra: To be honest, I’m pretty much equally good with most non-charge characters, although I may not know their combos. I’ll give Cammy a try against him.

@Jimbossa: The timing is a bit difficult for me on the ultra on the way down, but I’ll practice it a bit, thanks. Never thought about the air tatsu, though. I hardly ever do those.

Abel is looking like my best bet against his Akuma at the moment. Rolling into a tornado throw or a falling sky seems like it should be effective in theory.

Id advise you to still try your best to get around his air spam with your other chars. Thats how you grow as a player.

I see all those idiots online that change their character every match when they cant get around some shit until they find a move that works for a round or two. Seriously, how will you ever learn to work with difficult situations that way?

Good look anyways man.

try to predict when hes going to do it and throw a hoduken so it hits him on his way down, block the air fireball. repeat, eventually he wont do it as much.

Play Akuma and spam Air Fireballs. Or just go play Sagat.

a spammy akuma is generally really weak up close. so your best bet is to do just that.

You play Ryu? Your best bet is to tatsu under his air fireballs, its generally fast enough to get you upclose, or to hit him.

just FADC to build meter.

be patient, let him do that as long as he wants.

how would that help?

FADCs require meter.

unless you mean just dashing out of focus attacks from full screen. Does that build meter?

“How do I get around air fireballs?” is just as hard a question to answer as “How do I get around fireballs?” There’s no definitive answer because there are 4 different strengths of air fireball and they can be thrown at different parts of the jump (and you have to avoid them in different ways).

You can try walking or dashing forward as he jumps back, and by the time he throws the air fireball you can sweep him. Also, when you have a super, you can super him on reaction if he throws one. Those are pretty much your best options for getting around them. However, you don’t have to get around every single air fireball he throws. You can try to neutralize some with your own fireballs, focus backdash (or focus forward dash, but block afterwards) some for revenge meter, or just walk up and block them.

Remember, jumpback air fireball is hard to counter, but he can’t do it for the whole game. He’s eventually going to reach the corner. That’s where you get him.

If you’re focus absorbing the fireballs, yes.

you mean ultra meter.

usually when i hear “meter” i think of super meter

that’s what “meter” generally means, your super bar, not revenge meter.


FADC to build ULTRA 2… then / (Back Dash to Retreat/ Forward Dash to Advance)

NINJA 3 Just jump out of the way like a ninja. ( jump up to stand your ground/ Jump up back to Retreat/ Jump up forward to advance.

These are the Basic Every character has these 3 options.

DUDE JUST PM/ PLAY ME… I Could Sho you first hand That’s if you have the time.:coffee:

The most important thing is to be patient, Focus absorb some of them or dash, make him change his gameplay.

Eventually this will push him into the corner, in which case he’ll have to switch to LP hados which means even if you FADC those you’ll be much closer to him

Bulldog him. That means, walk, block, walk block. No jumping or even neutral jumps. You can fadc a few, but you basically just want to walk and block. Its a pain int he ass sometimes and I don’t think its a tactic shotos use very often to get close, but it works so long as you are patient. Try to get to an angle where you’ll be able to dash under some air ones. If you are in range, you can trade air fireball with a sweep. He’ll land on your foot as you get plasma in your face. But, any trade with Akuma with any character is typically never in akumas favor, but in this case, you also score a non tech-able knockdown which is nice.

From full screen, if you see him jump and you know a air fireball is coming, you can ultra or super if you have it. They will land right on top of the your projectile. You should be able to get him to land on some ex fireballs too. If he is grounded and you are in about zone 3 to 4 ish, you can ultra through fireballs too. Whats nice about that is sometimes, your op’s fireball will go through your ultra due invincibility frames. Because Ryu stays stationary, you end up getting hit by the fireball, but that hit takes you out of the recovery animation from the ultra which allows you to follow up your ultra with a hurricane kick which will combo off of the ultra.

If you know hes going to teleport as soon as you get close, you should be able to punish the recovery so long as you were predicting teleport from the start.

Remember, if he has ultra or super, do not jump forward over any red or normal fireballs because thats a free demon.

Blocking Akuma’s air fireballs isn’t really a good idea. Good Akumas will use the block stun off the fireball to get in and mix you up.