What should I do?

I have a full bar (SAIII) and I want to use the Genei Jin special. But, I’m in mid screen and want the combo to connect. At least I want to get the opponent in the shoulder combo and push them in to the corner. What should I do? Use EX moves, activate the super, or wait until I get the s.lp s.lk s.mp chain in?

I’m a newb to this game but getting better, thanks in advance :tup:

I dunno where to dig in the thread, but I can pull off the corner combos just fine and the mid screen one with the shoulder. Would an UOH or a f+mk lead to a SAIII?

meaty uoh then lp,lk,mp would be a good link.
f+mk can’t be linked…

u don’t always have to activate when your lplkmp is hit
activate midsreen and start attacking
don’t let your meter sit
use it when you can, u’ll get it back in no time

alright guys thanks a bunch for your help

so how would I get a hit to connect? a UOH then…?

I know if im mid screen I would want to get a c.mk MP shoulder hp shoulder…

Hmmm… looking over the frame data… shouldn’t it be possible for f+mk to connect if the f+mk hits REALLY meaty on wakeup? Kinda like Yang’s f+mk, st.lk, EX slash combo? Yun’s GJ’ed f+mk has the the same recovery as Yang’s, but more hitframes. I’d try it out, but I’m back at my parent’s place this weekend. The joys. :stuck_out_tongue:

Of course, I might be missing something, because I can’t read enough of the Jap on Zero’s page. :stuck_out_tongue:

meaty f+mk, st. lk, lunge punch connects, so yeah.

EDIT: GJ meaty f+mk, st. lk works, but I couldn’t find anything that would connect afterwards (out of range for cr. mk).

r u guys saying the f+mk connects? it doesnt for me and i mash that shit like my life was on the line

What about st.fp/f+fp, or mp shoulder??

GJ meaty f+mk, st. lk, st. hp, f+hp/shoulder works.

Also, GJ meaty f+mk, st. lk, cr. mk, f+hp/shoulder works against Hugo.

New question guys, what if I get the 3 hit standing string to connect into the super, and I am mid screen? What should I do then? What combo can I use to push them to the corner?

for that go here:The Complete Genei-Jin Thread

That was the thread I was talking about. It has been on the front page of this section all this time btw.

Yeah I already know what to do in thr corner just not midscreen

Pyrolee and others posted midscreen genei jin combos there too. Look through it.

What should I do?