What should i do?


I don’t want you guys to pick a main for me, I just want to know the advice you all have if i like more than one character. I’m really liking abel and ryu, but I’m also sort of getting interested in rog and in Gen. What would your advice be?


My advice would be to play who you like most.


Use Guile.

But seriously, just use who you feel the most comfortable with.


Okay I guess I’ll try to go for most comfortable then… because going for the one I like most would be more difficult since I like both Abel and Ryu equally and Rog just a bit.


I had trouble finding out who to main when SSF4 came out. I wanted 2 main Guy, but I got interested in Ibuki and her style fit me better. I agree fightclubber, try them out and see who best fits…