What should I do?



Hey guys,

Long time lurker here. I’ve finally decided that I want to play Dudley as my main and at the moment I have lots of holes in my game.

Most of them I can see such as my inability to deal with cross-ups, I get thrown too easily when I end up being defensive, I still haven’t got the HK xx MGB yet because I only play with a friend who owns the game and we only play, not practice.

Now my friend is a lot better than I am and he plays Ryu at the moment. At range it’s fireballs, jump ins get met with shoryukens and all that jazz. It’s fine, I deal with it until I get in and get a knockdown. At that point one of two things happen. Either a shoryuken on wake-up which I can deal with or 3/4x c.LK -> 2x c.MK -> c. HK. This effectively pushes me out of range and I can’t do anything other than block it. Jumps mean eating shoryukens, f.HK connects but c.LK hits me before I manage c.LP, throws get pushed out, SSB connects only sometimes, when I try and c.MK his c.MK, the c.HK hits me and cross counter doesn’t work because all these hit low.

I honestly have no idea what to do against this and would appreciate any suggestions. Even when I have set the training dummy to record 4xc.LK, 2xc.MK, c.HK I can’t deal with it. Help please?


You should use this thread for questions:




this is what i came in here expecting to see. thirtyfour, you delivered.


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