What should i look for in a multimeter for pad hacking?

There are many types of multimeters, but was wondering what is ideal in one and how much i should spend. for now i am using it for continuity checks for cthulhu mc cables. I am novice to electronics. Pretty much using it for pad hacking.

I had a Fluke - that thing was a tank. Someone stole it from my RC pit box…

Now I use a $3 no-name multimeter that I got from Harbor Freight Tools.

Any multimeter will tell you resistance, voltage, and current. For padhacking, the feature you’ll use most is checking for continuity. You can do that with the resistance setting, but if it has a beeping continuity tester, you’ll fall in love with it.

So for basic purposes, any multimeter will work. One with a beeping continuity tester will make life a little easier. Try to get one that uses standard batteries; the small digital one from Radio Shack uses these weird batteries that seem to cost a shitton of money.

And if you have the time to wait for the super slow shipping, the one I’d recommend as the best combination of features and price I’ve found:
It’s $14 with free shipping, but their free shipping takes 4-6 weeks. Uses a 9v battery for power, has a beeping continuity tester, and a couple of features none of my other ones have had (capacitance, and transistor testing) that I doubt you’ll need for padhacking.

So, my advice:

  1. Get whatever’s cheapest for the time being, including borrowing from your dad.
  2. Order yourself the dealextreme one for later on.

I just bought the 3 dollar one from HF! I’ve only used it to continuity test my fightstick (25pin Dsub connector internal project box), but it worked a charm. Haven’t tested it out for the other functions yet, but it seems to be good enough for any stick-related tasks.

Thanks folks. That helps a lot. I was in Fry’s electronics, and they had so many, But I am realizing that the really expensive ones are overkill, and some are unsuitable for me like the one for checking high voltage.

Yeah, just make sure you get one with a beeping continuity check. When you are testing pads, it will be a godsend.