What should I use for Anti Air



I’m finding it hard to stop a jump heavy rush down as I haven’t found which normal or special to use as anti air yet. Does anyone have a suggestion?

I was thinking his flip kick would be good, but it doesn’t have very much priority and I usually get stuffed. Any help would be great!


Honestly his best anti air move is his df.mk (the slide) it makes pretty much every jumping attack whiff.

The only problem is then when you slide under them without hitting them. However, this can generally be accomplished if you try to stay within b+mp range without getting too close, which is ideal for Law’s footsie game anyway.


Haha, I was afraid of that. I played a bit of Rose in SF4, so I am used to sliding under jumpins. Just wondering if there was an alternative.

Here is another question… say you are caught by a cammy or something that is constantly trying to cross you up. What is the best “get off me” move? Shaolin Spinkicks into exchange? Thanks again!


Best get off me for ground pressure I found is the ex away to forward with punches … Not sure of name but it’s pretty invincible.


Its the only move with invis on startup but its really slow to hit still, gets you some space and its safe on block. Other than that best get-off-me is either backdash or cLPxxShaolinkicks tagcancel into mixup


Press mp+mk and tag in someone with an actual anti-air.


i think, if you have meter, alpha counter is his best anti air option


Come on guys, we all know that relying on ex-moves to to anti air is not a good use of meter.


st.LP is the only normal Law has with a pretty high hitbox. You can punish non-crossup jumps, and Akuma’s demon flip with st.LP. However… It’s cheap.
I’m also having a lot of pain playing Law if I happen to be under pressure. You can try to j.MP as well, but honestly the best thing to do is probably to whiff a b.MP or slide to get out of the jump. And if you happen to be blocking a jump, you can also use the counter (forward - HP+HK), although it will wost you one meter, it’ll at least give you some room to take a breathe.


Neutral jump Hk works well in certain match ups


Jump MP is super good for air to air. Follow up those counter hits man, follow them up.


The somersault isn’t terrible, but it’s obviously not one of the best in the game cause of the start-up. I find the best thing to do is dash back when they’re going in, or if they’re trying to cross you up you can slide under them with the Slide Kick. Other than that though, I don’t think he has a very strong one, hence why you should put someone who does have one as your second just in case.

Law not having a good anti air was the reason I didn’t end up picking Steve as a second - he doesn’t have a solid one either.


anyone test out cr.mp, cr.HK, I don’t think this would work?


I tested alot last night in regards to anti air…Nothing much works well, both cr.mp and cr.HK fail too. Even his slide forward can still be hit. The best bet is to use these options…

  1. Roll after knockdown( not very good since an aware rush down player will be expecting this)
  2. Ex Fist rush, start up is slow but its invulnerable and is safe on block
  3. Ex Somersault Kick, still slow, and its very unsafe on block

I personally use option 2 alot


what should you use for anti air?

a different character

seriously. i think you should play law second, and pair him up with a character who can control the neutral game better. then just bring law in for finishing combos, or in situations where you already have an advantage


^This. Can’t say anything better.

Although I just have something to say: I can’t really see the advantage of having a character who can’t anti-air anything. It’s not like you’re ony gonna use Law t finish combos, you still have to assume a strong part of the game zoning/defending.
I am personnally about to just ditch Law from my team and go for anybody who actually has an anti-air, I’m really raging when I play Law so I guess the character isn’t made for me :confused:


I’ve been back jumping with HK and it’s gotten me ok results, similar to Kuma. You kind have to predict when they’re going to jump-in on you or learn to do it on reaction. It stays out for a long time and has a slanted hit box so some of the low angle jump-ins that folks get can miss you and you’d still land a hit, if you’re timing the jump properly. I really don’t know how reliable it’ll be in the long run.


Air to airs are too strong in this game. Grounded anti airs are not a major issue. Just block more. That’s what players do in that other 3D game don’t they?


If you randomly neutral jump or spot a jump early then j.hk is the one. If you’re getting crossed up after a few jabs, or you’re a little slower to spot the jump then j.mp, it hits higher and faster.


B+MP seems to work just as well as d/f+MK to avoid crossups. And it’s easier to do since you’re probably holding back already when the opponent begins to jump.