What should SSD do against Spiral?

i know i’ve never posted om this forum before, i’m just happy to read Shoult’s essays

anyway i have some major problems with Spiral mainly because i have no idea what to do once my opponent gets the trap going…

it’s not like SSD has a capcom AAA button to mash on. my trap is fine i have no execution problems it’s just i don’t know what options to take

should i start with sent or strider?

originally posted by locdown:

I’m not Clock or Kaising, but I do have quite a bit of exp fighting this team as one of my good friends is pretty beastly with it. The most general advice I can give is to get your trap going before he gets his, and BE PATIENT. Try to figure out his pattern and how to counter it just like other teams do when fighting team clockw0rk. I’ve found that if you start to get all antsy and try to get out on impulse you end up getting hit, back into the trap, and frustrated. ( I’m assuming you’re concerned with the spiral aspect of the fight). From what I’ve seen Spiral will have a hard time keeping you off her once you’re in, for Doom assist trades with the swords or beats them outright. Sure she can teleport but she’ll have to keep blocking once orbs and rocks are flying at her face. Also strider is quite mobile and, between orbs and rocks and drones, can fill the screen with as much shit as spiral can, haha. ( I actually start strider in this match… not sure if that’ s a good idea) . If I’m not mistaken, Strider outprioritizes her most of the time in melee combat. Keep in mind too, Spiral loses her swords when she gets hit , so use that to your advantage. On youtube awhile ago there was a match of Kai completely wrecking a Spiral player. I’m not sure if it’s there still, but search for it… Hope this helps.

by no means do I have any exp against spiral so take my post with a grain of salt. Locdown said he gets to fight it often so his advice is probably better.

Sent/Doom eats spiral free. With strider, try pushblocking and calling your assist to eat up some of the sword and take the hit for you. Then immidiately bombxxorbs (to hit their sentinel) if they run away, punish their sentinel hard after you teleport and jugle them from the bomb impact. Zoo her with Doom assist too. works great.