What should you be practicing in training mode?


Recently I reached a cap to my progress in marvel, and while playing some people in my city I realized that the reason I couldn’t win is because they knew thing about the game that I hadn’t even touched on yet. It took me a while to accept the fact that, although its good, Storm/Chun/Phoenix doesn’t work as a team as well as I need it to. Chun’s Hyakuretsu assist is good as fuck, but it doesn’t get storm or Phoenix IN if they’re full screen away. But basically, things like that. But I have lots of combos, character specific combos for Storm vs Amaterasu. Anyway.

So, i’m curious to know. What should a player really be putting time into learning while in training mode?


try the Newbie Thread, cause their gonna shut this thread down before you gain any insight. Believe that.


I’m not really asking for any help. I’m just talking in general, trying to find out what people practice when they’re in training mode. If it gets shut down for speaking generally, in the general portion of the MVC3 forum. I will lose faith in the world.


Newbie Thread

Or whatever Im not a mod so, Good Luck, maybe they’ll get you the info you need


Record some characters blockstrings and see if their normals are unsafe on block.I recently found out so many of Dantes normals are punishable on block.


Practice combo’s and punishes


I’d say you should play online and see what’s giving you trouble. If it’s Sent for example then you should test out the properties of his normals and supers to see if he has any weaknesses that can be exploited by your team. Such as trying to find out when and where he has hyper armor during his normals. Also, try different things with your team to see what counters what has been countering you lately. There is actually a record mode in training it’s just hidden in the control settings menu (you have to assign buttons to them, I personally use R3 and L3).

Other than that I’d suggest designing a new team or exploring the moves of your existing team in order to see how you can compensate for weaknesses you think you may have. You may also want to set goals for your team and brainstorm ideas on how to meet them. I personally set the following goals for my team:

  • At least one assist that counters Sent Drones and Hidden Missiles
  • Can kill an average health character in one combo with no more than 2 meters.
  • At least one GTF off me assist
  • Can keep away and rush down effectively.
  • Good comeback potential.
  • Can get very good damage off ground and air throws (700k ish).
  • Good overall health.

I came up with Taskmaster-A/Hulk-B/Ironman-A. I’m pretty happy with it thus far, and I’m sure if you tinker with your team in the lab you’ll be very happy with the results. Don’t be afraid to exchange a character here and there. You never know when you might make a really powerful team that no one really uses except you.


^No, online is just horrible in this game. Just horrendous. It will teach you nothing but bad habits.