What side has the better MvC2 roster

East coast or West?

i say east, but i haven’t seen a vast majority of WC matches… other than duc, reset, and potter… idk… can’t comment.



i hate you guys :frowning:


i say east. when marvel finally dies its last stand will prob be in NY


rise vader: prolly… idk, sanford, yipes, smoothviper, wong, remix1213, demon hyo, bryheem… still some big names

The question is a nice one, but I tink people will be answering “where do you live?” instead :slight_smile:

I think Justin and Sanford alone will gave it to east forever, but Yipes, X and Demon Hyo could perhaps be the best west coast players if they moved out of NY.

The Marvel side has the better roster, although the Capcom side has most of the good assists.



I was thinking the same before I read the first post, beat me to the punch, lol.

how do you see who voted for what on the poll?

so you’re basically saying that nobody on the WC can beat any of these five players? last i seen, x ain’t doing so hot anymore too… smoothviper is probably better than him.

once again the truth has arrived

You create the poll as a public poll.

In other words you fucked it up when you made the thread.

Me too! :rofl:

shoulda thought the thread out better then, huh?

Quoted For The Win???


west coast: chunksta, MegamanDS, cable guy, duc, duc jr, potter, reset, illan, finesse, magnetro, mike z, and soo mighty.

east coast: justin wong, sanford, yipes and demon hyo (that ive heard of), dont know the other guys listed.

i say they both have there share of top players but west coast has more top players.

lol, MMDS just quoted MMDS as being one of the best on the WC.