What side has the better MvC2 roster

smoothviper, xecutioner, and bryheem ain’t a joke either

and according to the NY players i talk to, soo mighty is washed up… and according to my own observations… magnetro is a flashy dude that gets hit by stupid shit, and mike z is a low tier player that gets magnetro to get hit by stupid shit because he’s busy showing off…

i had a funny argument that somebody was giving soo reason for inconsistancy… but the argument was based on the team MSP being incosistant… yet… yipes… fails to show that inconsistancy… who knows?

you sound like someone that only plays at family fun arcade…
I can’t believe noone has mentioned Rowtron, jmar, quan (does he still play?), ghengis, blah blah blah for the west.

and to answer the question, I say neither. As far as I’m concerned the level of play has gotten so good, that any giving side could beat any given side on any given day.

“Kuan”. :smile: WC has probably retired more good players, I’d think. If people would stop killing Seattle arcades, it’d probably be definitely WC>EC.

with that being said, you think that marvel is seeing it’s final days? if there’s nothing left to achieve, and nobody getting that much better… have we reached it’s final days, where only old school vets will take it on? or will it be the next super turbo?

i think if people would get off of soo mighty’s nuts things would be different in my eyes towards some west coast players, and you know who you are.

btw: don’t think i’m hatin entirely on the WC… lemme just be the first one to say, i suck at marvel.
since about two months ago though when i had some issues wit gamefaqs (yes i know, shut up, thanks fuck you too), people been buggin me, and as stupid as this sounds, there’s some people that i was good friends with that don’t talk to me anymore, over a fucking GAME… the two MvC2 players that i give the most props to are both WC players (dasrik and zaza, don’t ask why).

i named like 4 people from ffa. potter, duc, duc jr, chunksta, cable guy are no where near ffa. anyways, FFA is the hottest spot (or was) for all fighting games so its no surprise that people from there get mentioned.

and kuan and row tron on not ‘‘west’’, i thought they are right in the middle of the US.

soo was gone for a bit, i guess you can call it ‘washed up’ but lately, he has been playing a lot more and is getting back his game to his prime.

i guess what you said about magnetro and Z are somewhat true, but they were big names for a while in the MvC2 community.

As far as “smoothviper, xecutioner, and bryheem” ive never heard of any of them or have seen them play. i think i saw X at evo, but he wasnt so hot in the money matches if i remember correctly. no doubt, hes probably really good, but from my observations i havent seen much.

Whoa whoa, Kuan and Row (and etc) are in Seattle. That’s as the farthest West you get on the West Coast. :smile:

nono, don’t get me wrong here… but this is what i’m saying. magnetro and z are still big names in teh community… for ill ass rediculous combos, and showing what the engine can do… they’re still up there as in top ten important names in mvc2.

as for the other three players…
xecutioner was a big name back about 3 years ago… he was prolly, at the time, new york’s #3 player… at evolution 2k3, he got 3rd place… his BIGGEST populartiy maker, unfortuneately for him, cuz it gave him a bad rep, was when he lost to wong in texas… wong had a 1 pixel cable, and came back against x’s whole team…

bryheem matches can be found at preppy’s site http://www.zachd.com/mvc2/
he’s a philly top player

as for smoothviper, if you can get your hands on any of the clash videos, you can see where he stands… me and remix1213 say that he’s prolly top 5 NY… remix’s list for top five (i think i remmeber) is wong, sanford, yipes, smoothviper, (i’m drawing a blank)… mine is same top 3, smoothviper and that random team clockwork dude that’s got some crazy gimmicks…

as for soo… the reason i justify saying he’s washed up is because of this…

  1. the hype generated from him ocv’ing wong.
  2. after wong destroyed him after 2k3 tt’s, i still heard “omg, he got an OCV.”
  3. other than that, i haven’t heard anything special
  4. every match i’ve seen him in, INCLUDING the OCV, he’s just doing basic shit… he had that nice little assist killing thing with the s.mp and the slide, but ok… that’s flashy shit… other than that, i’ve seen him mess up resets, and i don’t mean because they blocked… i mean… he didn’t hit the kick button… shit like that… so i guess i’m saying that my impression of soo is your impression of x… only… you’re right about one thing… soo > xecutioner…


megamands, magnetro, mike z


I live on the west coast, close thread.

I think the east has the best players, (ie Justin and Sanford). But the west has more
players capable of competting at higher levels.
As for the south. Who is one top player from the south? Just asking, im in the south
and dont know.

What about Wigfall or Isaac?

These days is the EC of course
but in 2k3 for example
Row, Kuan, Soo, Mag etc etc
they owned everybody

The Dips have an All Star Roster on THAT WC!!!

damn m1xah, what about that ny cat that plays sentinel/strider/doom better than clockw0rk, you forgot to list him.

edit: nm you did list him, don’t forget about josh wigfall either.

what makes him better than clockwork? clockwork is the best stryder/doom player I have ever seen so plz m1xah if ya got a name give it, thanks…

What are you talkin about? I haven’t been on the East Coast since ECCX:rock: .

i didn’t mention him a lot cuz i actually don’t know his name… some random ass skinny black dude @ ctf… i see him there every now and again… guy got some crazy mixups with strider utilizing his slide… and he’s got a weird thing he did to me in teh corner with doom…

c.hk unblockable, me no roll, unblockable again xx sj, adf, me roll back into the corner, unblockable xx rocks xx photon array xx HSF… me = done

i was like…??? c.hk xx sj, adf? wtf…

to me, i rate this dude like this…

i never seen a match where clock beats wong… i seen this dude beat wong a few times already… that, and the weird shit i never seen nobody do before, and i’ve been watching clcok for years now… done… idk…

this guy also did 60% to my storm before she touched the floor with sentinel / doom in the corner… i just stood there, watching my health decrease

what pisses me off about this dude though…

he doesn’t go into any of the CF tournies, and he plays on teh small cabinet where scrubs play… occassionally sanford, yipes, etc go on that cabinet, but it’s rare… he had a 10 or so win streak once and wong got on… they went at it for a while… i saw him win a few times… maybe 3/10-15 or so… wong was using row i think… i know i saw mag and sent… but idk who the third was…

btw, i’ve never seen any of the evo dvds, or any game dvd for that matter… keep that in mind before you go yelling at me for never seeing a match where clock beats wong


where is bronson tran. B-est K-ept S-ecret.


If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone mention something about some Bobby Mcperson from St. Someplace with a better Strider/Doom than Clock, I’d have enough money to be running an Evo by myself now. Everyone wants to be like Clock I guess =T

As for the poll, I voted for West coast, but I know for a fact that the East coast is choke full of top players from living there for over 5 years. Many don’t compete due to school/job/money issues. I can’t say the same for West coast players, but I’m sure they have their share too. A few that should be named IMO are, Isaac Graham, Eric V, Darrick P, and more players around MD/VA/NC that rarely travel. I’m not going to contest as to who has the best Strider/Doom, but I have seen another person with IMO is better than Clockwork’s. If only I can remember his name (East Coast)