What size of buttons do you use?

Hey guys I plan on building a custom fightstick using a case from tek-innovations and was wondering what the average size of buttons you guys use?
I see there is 24mm and 30mm which is quite a difference in size.
What do you guys prefer?
Are there advantages/disadvantages?

The standard button size used for any game play buttons is 30mm. The 24mm buttons are for things like “start” and “select.” American style buttons do run a little smaller, but in this case you want to get the 30mm buttons.

I always use 30mm as the main buttons and 24mm for Start and Select, because it’s the industry standard. I’ve thought about trying to use 24mm buttons for the main gameplay buttons though. I imagine for someone with small hands or short fingers, a custom layout with the smaller buttons could be more comfortable, since the center-to-center spacing of the buttons would be that much closer . I’d definitely be interested in hearing from anyone who has tried this, but I’ve never heard of anyone actually building a stick that way.

The only time you use 24mm buttons for action buttons (punch, kick) is if you’re retrofitting older joysticks that have tiny buttons OR building a mini-joystick for travel or a small child.

30mm is the standard default size for action… There are plenty of pre-HRAP joysticks that have sub-30mm buttons.

There shouldn’t be much difference in play since most production 24mm and 30mm buttons of a given brand use the same microswitches. (I suspect the plunger design is more responsible for differences in feel than the diameter of the button.)

An exception to that “one microswitch fits all” rule is Seimitsu. They have different lines of buttons that use one of two production microswitches – the PS-14-D and the PS-14-G. Depending on the design of the button, it can feel soft and a shade less sensitive than the Sanwa buttons or hard as a brick. As far as the 30mm buttons go, there’s a general rule that some screw-on button types feel “harder”/less sensitive than the equivalent plug-in type. From what I’ve experienced, the 24mm buttons – plug-in or screw-on – feel equally sensitive. No huge difference there.

I’ve had weird experiences with the buttons that use the PS-14-D microswitch. The 24mm buttons generally feel OK regardless of the production version. However, there was a dramatic difference in feel between the 30mm Pearl buttons (PS-14-P) and the 30mm PS-15 ultrathin buttons. The Pearls are probably the softest/most sensitive Seimitsu buttons but are long out of production and hard to find. (Replacing the original PS-14-D microswitches in the Pearls with Sanwa SW-68’s is pointless in my opinion… The Pearls already have a generally soft feel and probably won’t benefit much from SW-68’s.)

The PS-15’s feel like hitting brick despite using the same PS-14-D microswitch. The difference in feel has to be due to the plunger design… Those same PS-15’s improve dramatically in feel if you replace the original PS-14-D microswitches with compatible Sanwa SW-68 microswitches. The Sanwa switches make the PS-15’s more sensitive and ergonomic and a much better button overall…