What size screws on the bottom of the SF4 SE stick?

I’ve searched, and I can’t find it. I am on the way to Home Depot and would like to replace the scews on the bottom of my SE. Any ideas? I suppose I could bring one there but I like to know before I go…


#4 x 1/2"

Great, thanks!

SInce you seem to know the screw sizes, what size screws are used in the SE to attach the mounting plate to the bracket. I will be modding mine after the Sanwa parts get here, and by the reports around here, there is good chance that those screws will get stripped. I’d just like to keep some extra on hand.

Are you talking about the plate that attaches the joystick to the case, or the play that attaches to the actual joystick?

I got a Sanwa JLF-8Y that did not come with the top plate for my stick, so I took the top plate from the Madcatz stick to mount the JLF-8Y on.

The screws are Loctite’d in, so two of them broke when I was taking them out, and the other two that didn’t break, did not fit in the black plastic Sanwa mount holes.

Home Depot does not have screws small enough for your purposes, so you’ll have to try another hardware store.

Ace Hardware had the screws I needed, and they were NOT metric. The 2mm and 3mm metric screws were too small, and the 4mm were too big.

The 4-40 screws with the flat Phillips head were a near-perfect fit.

I got 4-40, 3/8" long screws. The Ace Hardware item number was 4055-A and they were .15c each.

I use 3/4 and you can even go a lot longer. The screws in SE are so cheap and weak.

The screws that attach the plate to the case. My order is for a JLF with mounting plate already attached, so I don’t plan on taking off the screws attaching the the MadCatz joystick to its mounting plate.

I’ve taken apart 3 of these things and not once did I even come close to stripping those screws. They came out with no problem.

Just use the right screw driver, peel off the red stuff and you should be fine. Go slow, with a little force. The screws that attach the plate to the joystick will strip easy if you’re not careful, but those you won’t be touching.