What size socket rench for bolts in HRAP2?



7mm nut screwdriver or you can be ghetto like me and use needle-nose pliers.

where would be the best place to buy one of those?

Hardware store. I just used needle nose pliers i found in my garage.

Try your local Sears, that’s where I got mine.

After modding the stick, when putting the bolt, locking washer, and nut do not tighten it with the driver. If you do you will make the hole wider. Tightening it by hand will more than suffice.

9/32 inch socket wrench.

Also, to add to what Tetsuosan said, you can just tighten it by hand for the most part, but you can tighten it with the wrench, just do it to the point where you can’t turn it anymore without excess force. Turn the nut with a feathered twist until there’s any resistence. This will keep it from getting loose on it’s own and not be too tight to the point where you may damage the plastic shell.