What size wire gauge for buttons?

im slowly turning my hrap3 into a wireless stick, i just need a few more parts. what size wire gauge is commonly used for buttons? where do you guys order/buy online? i know lizard lick has QDs but no wire. i guess i should go to fry’s?

22 gauge seems to be the most popular but 24 is acceptable too. (according to monte)

I asked that in the noobie thread…Shouldve asked there instead…:smiley:

There’s very little current going through those wires, 22awg should be enough. Remember, it doesn’t hurt to go bigger, it’s just more expensive. You can use speaker wire if you wanted to.

24 AWG stranded. You can use it for wiring buttons and pad hacking PCBs, so you need to only buy 1 type of wires.

You can use thicker gauge wires for buttons, but as others mentioned, it would be more expensive and more difficult if you want to pad hack with thicker gauges.

24 guage is fine as long as you’re not daisy-chaining your grounds. I learned that the hard way. :frowning:

what happened? would 2 work? I’m thinking of using CAT5 cables which is 24 gauge.

Sort of on topic. Does anyone know what gauge is used in computer power supplies? And yes, I’m cheap.

was it hard to crimp the qd? arent these smaller diameter than 22 so it shouldn’t it be easier to fit two ends in one qd?

and what did you learn?

I dont see how it could of caused any issues…

yeah, im confused too.

ive got 22 currently. ill be modding my dreamcast agetec case pretty soon, hopefully once my parts ship from LL anyways. someone told me to stay away from 18, said it caused some problems with inputs… no real idea what/why, but thats why ive got 90 feet of 22 now.

18 might be a bitch to work with as far as soldering goes but as far as causing issues with button inputs… I highly doubt it

either way, youre fine with the 22ga

I use 4 gauge. WOo!!!

22 and 24 are good lol.

4ga!!! woo wooooooooooo u b hookin up ampz speakaz n shiz?! lol

like everyone said, 22 is pretty common. 22-26 is what I normally see. I will suggest stranded wire because it makes wire management a lot easier. I had a few sticks I made using non stranded and that wasn’t easy.

Doz ampz be hittin shiz sonz!!

Mofucka I got 2 15s in my arcade stick, everytime dem buttons go clickty clack I be rocking!!! Watchu gon’ do bout dat?

Lol I can’t even IMAGINE using 4ga on PCBS… wow… just wow.

4 gauge for 09’ son

Man peoples i used damn 30 gauge. Only thing i had laying around from modding projects. Need to get some 22 or 24

30 gauge is EASY to strip with your teeth and useful for some small soldering points and short distances. other than that, sucks to use it.