What Skill Level Are You?

Taken from GameFAQS.

Level 1- New

Pluses: None really, besides being ignorant to the ways in which good players can shut you down
Minuses: Little to no knowledge, unsure of what to do, fall for almost everything
Tendencies: Use predominantly 1 or 2 buttons

Level 2- Beginner

Pluses: Sticks to 1 character and can do their moves, can do basic combos
Minuses: Still falls for a lot, play style is rudimentary, limited situational knowledge
Tendencies: Spam special moves, usually only uses normals as a panic reflex

Level 3- Novice

Pluses: Starts to train properly, can do BnB combos and punish when ample reaction time is there
Minuses: Reflexes tend to be slow, get flustered by high level antics, plays a “slow” game
Tendencies: Style relies heavily on learned combos, often forsaking zoning and good judgment

Level 4- Average

Pluses: Has a reasonably rich play style, emulates some of the things high level players do
Minuses: Limited grasp of other factors like meter management, frame data, priority etc…
Tendencies: Play inconsistently, can look like a god one game and a grub the next, random FADCs

Level 5- Seasoned

Pluses: Plays intelligently, knows complex block strings and mix-ups, keeps pressure
Minuses: Stick to their 1 or 2 mains and don’t know the lesser match-ups as well
Tendencies: Fall for unexpected things that are rarely seen in high level play

Level 6- Tourneyman

Pluses: All of the above, knows enough characters to have good counter-picking options
Minuses: Have a certain play style that when encountered is their Achilles heel
Tendencies: FADC for advancing through fireballs and building Ultra mostly

Level 7- Pro

Pluses: As complete as is possible game knowledge, super human reflexes, exploit every quirk
Minuses: None that I can think of
Tendencies: Adapt well, if not, counter-pick well

I personally feel I’m number 3 going to 4.

I think this is a counterproductive mindset. If you classify yourself, even highly (say I believe myself a 5 or a 6), when you do get around to playing people you think of as ‘7s’ you’ll be preemptively apologizing for your performance. Let other people do this kind of classification and just play the matches.

level 5.

Put a random noob against me I look like a noob. Put a pro against me… and I look a little better

The difference between level 6 and 7 is too large. There’s no inbetween. I would probably be a 6.5 on that scale.

I have one main, but could use other main if i desired. I fall for newer tricks that i haven’t seen before, but i adapt and find strategies to defend against them

I play Guile so using normals is a must along with zoning and footsie skills, although execution of complex combo’s is lacking. My strength is in matchup knowledge, i rarely use focus attacks and use FADC’s only to make more desperate defense safe.

Not sure where that falls in, i’d put myself at seasoned

I think I’m between 5 and 6, but I really disagree with the descriptions of the levels.

The higher levels’ descriptions imply that you need to know multiple characters to be great, implying that you need to counter pick to be at the highest level. While I don’t look down on counter pickers and see it as a legitimate strategy, I also see the merit in learning one character really well.

The descriptions and tendencies are kind of off too. FADC’ing through fireballs is a tendency for a level 6 guy? That’s more of a style thing really. Also, FADC’ing through fireballs is a bad idea for Guile IMO. FADC’ing to build Ultra causes you to lose position, and Guile’s position is more important than having U2 stocked.

im level 5

where’s Scrub on that list? lol i’m probably a 3-4

5- But i use about 7 fighters not 2 :slight_smile:


I’m going to ignore the descriptions as they do not accurately describe all people of that particular level.

But, I’m going to say I’m 4-5 ish.

This shit is lopsided as hell.

EDIT: Let’s just say,

1: Scrub

7: Pro

I’m about a four on that scale.

whos the cocky guy that put 7.

I like there style :slight_smile:

Where’s that special level where someone relies on gimmicks to win, and the second their opponent figures out the gimmick,they have no chance of winning and refuse to adapt?

Between 4 and 5.

I know the matchups against popular characters really well (Ryu, Sagat, Ken, Gief etc etc) but if someone chooses a not-so-popular character, I end to choke. I play really defensively because I don’t know the matchup and usually end up losing, even if the opponent is a worse player than me.

However, put me against a seasoned Ryu/Sag/Guile/Chun etc, and I really start to shine. I know what to look for, what to punish, know the block strings etc etc.

I so agree with this, that being said I put myself at 5 in my mind atleast. I will be joining tourneys for the 1st time ever this year and am hoping to see how I truely hold up against some of the better players. I’m really looking forward to the learning experience I will receieve no excuses if I lose.

I would say I’m a strong 6, but can’t call myself a 7. I can beat pretty high skilled players in matchups I know or even adapt mid matchup or by a second game. I think part of being a 6 is thinking of adaptive strats in matchups and knowing enough about your character or a matchup to implement these said strats. What makes someone a 7 is adapting at really high levels of play. A 6 is more of a local legend who can hold his own at regional and local tournaments. A 7 is someone who holds their own even in majors. I have a okay local record, but I have yet to do really well in majors

I’m about a four, i’d say. I always have my ups ond owns but I’m getting a lot better at knowing mix-ups and when to block and things. My winning percentage has gone up. Just need a little help knowing some “basic” things. Dojo anyone?

Tekken’s always been my thing and I haven’t played much SF except for SF4 though. Wish I started playing when I was younger.

im 5

but only ever pull of FADC SONIC HURRICANE once still working on it

depends on the character im playing. With sim id say im around a 6, but sum days i play really poorly. Recently ive been getting better tho staying up in the 3000+PP range.
with gen im like a 5 and with juri i’m like a 4.