What small changes would you want for poison on the 31st?



Poison is a good character in the right hands but i was just curious what changes would you like poison to have in the balance update?

I’d like to have another option to get bigger damage without being in the corner.


Would also like more damage options.
Possibly something to make Poison a better teammate. Make it possible for a teammate to combo off of Kissed by a Goddess. (Can you do that now? Its been a while since I’ve played)


In some situations, most of them involving the corners. Nothing amazing.

But I agree, damage or team utility. Something like making her LMT + throw OTG-able for tag partners? Don’t think there’s any other move adjustable for team synergy without changing the character.


they could also give her overhead ground bound or more on counter hit. i mean its a dangerous option by itself. I’m guessing one or two of her specials will cause otg. Also her rekka should be able to combo fully off a ground bound.

Also her Kissed by a goddess should be tagable on all parts of the screen. it is possible… but it depends on the character who runs in speed.


Let me just start off by saying I don’t think all of these should be done just a couple of them. I did list them in order as to what I view as most importat with #1 being most important.

#1 - Make her elbow drop -3 or -2 on block and +1-2 on Hit (Thus counterhits enable you to combo. Its long startup letting opponents jab you out of it, is enough of a risk)
#2 - Let kissed by a goddess hit with every hit during a juggle combo (as it stands HK hits normally 4 times for 140 damage total but only 3 times for 120 damage at the end of a juggle)
#3 - Make EX Whip of Love damage actually worth the meter because as it currently stands it is almost always better to just launcher and switch cancel back to poison to maximise damage. (Do this by buffing the damage or by reducing the amount of damage scaling incurred due to having a multi hit rekka)
#4 - Make EX Whip of Love ground bounce slightly more lenient to maybe make it a more effective option in the corner or something because as it stands its only use is for Trial number 24.
#5 - Make Light kick Love me Tender slightly more attractive as currently it can easily be jabbed out of at close range, has a super tight jump arc over fireballs and even if it does hit, you lose damage in comparison to the other versions due to having to link into cr.LP to combo rather than cl.HP or cr.MK.


I would like her DP to start faster, Her overhead to be safe or at least even, recover faster on fireball (wow that is bad), and make the first hit of rekka much safer. Improve at least one of her AA normals.


a link that does good damage like cr. :mp: to Cr. :hp: would be a easy fix…along with adding +frames on her overhead on hit, so I can link into cr. :lp: and make the - on block down to -3 or 4 so you don’t die instantly after doing it…

more unrealistic changes would be…

  • :hp: WoL would create a ground bounce only on the last hit(similar to Howarang’s :hk: hunting hawk)
  • Far :hp: has crumple on counter hit
  • Elbow Drop(overhead) ground bounces on counterhit(makes using EX CADC useful for her…and potentially makes a stronger mixup game) and on juggled opponents.
  • :hk: LMT gains projectile invulnerability at the cost of +frames on block(make it only +1 or 0).
  • All normal versions of KBG have less knock back on hit creating easier juggles, EX version remains the same.


I’d leave the way WoL is now, but add damage to it, WoL has great corner carry to where Poison excells with her fireball traps. (teehee)

Her overhead should be safe on block, and comboable on hit.

Less pushback on her DP making tag cancel combos easier.

I would like to see her hp fireball being +1 on block, this would make great corner pressure.

I’d change cr.mk from 6f to 5f startup.

Make st.mp from 8f to 6/7f

Make the hitbox better on far hk and faster

Make cr.mp a bit faster, allowing better frame traps from cr.lp


Those changes aren’t unrealistic. I like the first 3.


They mite be due to the amount of actual time they had with the balance changes…and all these would be buffs with no nerfs…so i kinda see that as abit unrealistic too…i feel like they would have to nerf something for her to get those tools…i just dont know what exactly…

however I do want to see some positive changes…I think we all do at this point…


Patch is out and I haven’t noticed much difference to Poison. Had a quick go and so far all I’ve noticed is that her hp Aeolus has slightly faster recovery making for easier corner combos. Anybody found any other nerfs/buffs?


there have been no changes…with that said though, I really like using her to complement Cody’s high damaging combos…Lars is also too fun to play as.

so to all Poison players…good shit and enjoy being a low tier hero~