What SNK game would you recommend?

I’ve never really played any their fighting games other than random games at the arcade years ago. I’ve pretty much stuck to Street Fighter/MK/Soul Calibur. I’ve got an XBox360, are any of the ones compatible with it any good?

kof 98 um

are you interested in tournament play or just old games that are good for single player?

if all you got is a 360, consider Metal Slug and Samurai Showdown games for some fun, but i guess hold out till KOFXII and 98UM as they’ll be the newer SNKP games coming out soon for that system.

If u really wanna try out SNK’s back catalogue, get a ps2.

Sorry, I meant fighting games. I love Metal Slug, though.

And didn’t I read that 98 UM isn’t hitting the 360 until next year?

so it goes for now, so unless that comes out sooner, your best bet is XII (which isn’t really a bad first game hopefully lol)

I’m no tournament player, but I’d prefer something with online multiplayer so I could get my ass handed to me on occasion.

If you’ve got a 360, your best bets are looking for all the original xbox KOF games for now. There’s Fatal Fury Special and Samurai Showdown in XBLA if you’re interested. IMO though, just wait for KOFXII if you want something more recent and prettyful.

For some reason, I thought I remembered seeing some other SNK fighters for the 360, but I guess I imagined it.

Specifically, I thought XI was on the original xbox. =(

only games i kno that were on the original xbox is 2k2,2k3, and neowave i think. Dun remember any others.

Yeah, I just looked at the backward compatability list and there’s two KOF games:

KOF: 2002 and 2003
KOF: Neowave

Neither are worth playing?

Nope, PS2 exclusive. Only 360 ones are on the arcade. Good luck finding good matches with all the choices there.:shake:

EDIT: 2k2 and 2k3 and neowave i heard are decent, but online sucks.

Well, I guess you guys have convinced me to wait for XII.


Real Bout 2 via 2DF. 'Nuff said.

I’m pretty sure he was asking for something on the xbox, but I could be wrong…:confused:

I think the best SNK game you could get for the 360 would be Street Fighter IV.

whatever controller/stick you’re using to play games on the 360 with is compatible with PC so plug that bitch in and play something on GGPO or 2DF.

:lol: Yessss

There are no SNK FGs on the 360. If you have other ways of playing, KoF 98 (vanilla or UM), Fighter’s History Dynamite (Okay, not really SNK, but it was on Neo Geo!), Real Bout Fatal Fury 2, and Garou.