What Soldering Iron/Station?


I’m a complete soldering noobie. I’ve never soldered anything but I’ve always wanted to, and needed to do on more than one occasion. So I’ve finally decided it’s time to learn how.
I’m looking for a soldering iron that can safely solder on PCBs such as fightstick PCBs but for jobs like swapping guitar pick ups. I’ve heard that guitar pick ups require a higher wattage for soldering the pots.
So I’m not sure what soldering iron/station I need.
I don’t really want to spend more than $50 though.
So what do you guys recommend?
I know I’ll need some solder and flux as well, and I think I need a desoldering pump and I think that’s it?


personally i’m using just a plain iron with a small stand+sponge
its a small entry level hakko iron which goes up to about 40w

cheap, easy, efficient. Hasn’t let me down


This is what I use:


I use a Weller WLC100. It is a good starter, http://www.frys.com/product/1942888?site=sr:SEARCH:MAIN_RSLT_PG


Yeah I’ve been really looking at the WLC100. But I was wondering if there was a better alternative, possibly with a higher wattage while still being temperature controllable. I would get the WES51 but $100 ~$90 is a bit too much for me. But I am also curious what you guys think about the Hakko 936 and this: http://www.circuitspecialists.com/csi-station1a.html
I’m basically torn between these two and the WLC100

EDIT: The reason, like I said, for me wanting a higher wattage is to be able to swap guitar pickups and I don’t know if 40W will be good enough to solder the pots.


I have the Hakko FX-888 and can’t say enough how I should have bought it years ago!

I know it’s about $30 over what you were looking to budget, but it is worth every penny IMO.


I boughtthis stand the other day, and its actually really good for the price. It could do with a bit of sponge or whatever in the bottom though


I had a really good soldering station.
Then it blew up spectacularly (on the inside).

So now I just use a cheap-o 30W iron.
No stand.

Also, get your tips/sponges from DealExtreme if you can’t find them cheap.