What song was playing during Smooth Viper's intro?

I heard he was one of the only few top 8 entries that got to use their own music for their intro. Does anyone remember what song it was?

i heard it was the most offensive and obnoxious shit ever recorded


and does anyone have the mp3 impavadasao?

Wes whats ya aim man and please send me that fucking track.

w3s who is that cute guy on the right in your avatar?

Mr. Newbie?


son, on the right not left lol

i ain’t care bout that dark skinned nyuuu i’m all about that light skinned dude on the right

boy WHAT YO NAME IZZZ:lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin::lovin:


No homo right? RIGHT!?