What song was used in the Evo 2005 trailer?

I know, I’m sorry, I’m like, 2 years late…

But it’s really nice and I’ve wondered after all this while.

I did a quick manual search through like, the six pages here, but I didn’t see it. Or perhaps I’m blind or can’t read.

In any case, help would be appreciated thanks.

PS - If this is inappropriate/wrong forum, please close/move as necessary.

Errr iirc wasn’t it a random remix of Ayumi Hamasaki’s Evolution?

Oh yeah and it isn’t lupus.

It’s in the rules…

I think you’ll get banned.


I’ll close this then.

EDIT: Or would if I could figure out how…

The song is entitled Bolero. It was the closing credits theme, track 11 on the Moulin Rouge 2 soundtrack. Not the soundtrack for Moulin Rouge 2, but the second soundtrack for the movie Moulin Rouge which contained most of the instrumental pieces.

Didn’t the rules state not to ask this anywhere BUT the Evo boards? I think it it was recently mentioned in this post regarding conduct in the Fighting Game discussion board.

That’s what I thought too, concerning the rules (I just read the revamp before posting this topic here).

But, it’s not like I memorized them, so I second guessed myself. >_>

Thanks for the info. I’ll be sure to check into it.

Nah, your safe in here. In a weird way.