What sort of connections are you all running?

I’ve been essentially forced to quit fighting games because my horrendous connection makes being an online warrior nearly impossible or just not an enjoyable experience when in most of my matches there’s skips in animations in what not every so often. I never get greens or 3 bars and about 40% of my matches have some manner of lag or skipping.
Ping is at 108ms(Optimum Boost) and there’s nothing I can do about it.

Anyway, what type of connections and providers are you guys rolling with? Especially if you live in the US like I do.

Telekom VDSL 50k
it’s pretty neat actually

I don’t know how you’re measuring ping, but it probably doesn’t mean much.

Ping is a measure of how long it takes your computer to talk to another (specific) computer. So your ping while doing a speed test might be OK, but then when you connect to someone across the country, bad ping.

Have you tried configuring your router like others suggested to you before?

Yep. My Nat Type is 2 and everything. I think it’s my provider. My connection was godly back when I had Fios…

Do you have other ISP options where you live?

I live in NY, so I have a few to choose from. Optimum, Verizon, DirectTV, and Comcast come to mind. I figure that I’ll just save some paper and upgrade to Verizon Fios, which I remember being very fast from my MW2 days. Thanks for the help.