What sort of mobile FGC app would you like?


Hey, I’m a programmer looking to make a portfolio of projects for future career prospects. As a long time street fighter, I’d like to make an app (free of charge) for it, but I only have a few ideas.

  1. Make a free, fast and accurate frame data app that doesn’t take long to load and isn’t full of wrong info. That’s the easy option.

  2. Make a punish guide app, that shows basically a lot of abused/hard to punish moves, and show what options every character has. Things like yun st.mp x lp shoulder, bison ex psycho crusher, cody lp tornado, etc. Also for gimmicks that aren’t necessarily very hard to punish, but perhaps tactics or matchups people don’t see a lot.

Those are the only two ideas I’ve got at the moment. If y’all have ideas of something that would be convenient to have on a mobile platform and isn’t already oversaturated, then let me know, thanks.