What Soundtrack Would You Like For Street Fighter 2 HD Remix?


Personally I prefer the PC CD-ROM version of the Soundtrack. Its sounds alot like the Kung Fu/action movies of the late 70s and 80s.

Anyway I’ve left a poll.

Heres samples of each track.

CPS2 version

PC CD-ROM version

Amiga 500 version

Hyper Street Fighter II Anniversary Edition Version

Heres the PC CD-ROM soundtrack (you know its rocking, like a Beverly Hill Cop movie).

Dogface and MegamanDS beat boxing the original music. i’ve grown quite fond of their work from the FFA MvC2 ranbat commentaries.

My problem with the PC version is that its just using a pretty standard general midi sound set which to me just aint that great. CPS2 might be muffled and shit but the sounds themselves are pretty good and fit together a lot better.

So I would like either the originals or some new shit(SF2 Tribute Album remixes were dope for instance). Though I hope they wouldnt just do average electronic remixes, there are enough of those.

pc verison 100%. i didnt even bother listening to any of the other songs. i used to have the pc ST a long time ago and it had the best songs i have ever heard. thanks to u, im downloading these songs now.

best ones to listen for pc version(especially when low HP):

I agree.

remix them

pc cd-rom version doesn’t sound terrible though, i’d go with that otherwise

CPS-2, though transcribing the CPS-2 themes for a real band (jazz-fusion, rock, whatever) would be sweet.

I’d rather have some original music for the game, but since that isn’t happening, I voted for CPS-2

Put some OC remixes in there or something. The SF collection for OCremix wasnt bad.

Edit: if i had to though i voted for PC

NOTE: Sirlin has already mentioned not having a budget or time for original soundtracks.
OCRemix’s are a good idea, but that would fall under the same catergory that was mentioned above.

This is from only my perspective. I think you should take advantage of as much new content as possible. That includes the soundtrack. The PC CD-ROM version may not be to everyones taste., but it sounds better than the other CPS based versions.

I would prefer to have a more solid soundtrack, accompany the new HD look of the game.


How about you guys wait, maybe there will be a completly re-done version of the soundtrack. Maybe someone is working on it right now…

Maybe they’ll use it…

If they could alter ST Guile’s voice somehow, that would be nice. The rest doesn’t matter as much.

Imo the standard if it’s going to be anything, the origional. However if the option is there the standard origional/arranged would be awesome.

CPS2, with higher quality versions of the samples, if possible (they did it before, IIRC, the PS1 ports of the CPS1 SF2s had higher-quality versions of teh original CPS1 voice samples and such).

Its on ps3/360 … so why cant you just load your own soundtrack on there?

Because that’s not the fucking point of the thread?

i know what you mean when you say HSF2 soundtrack but the link you posted is not the arrange version its the same as the cps2 version…(well on kens stage at least) but i say cps2 version

If they are going through the trouble to remake/draw all the sprites(aren’t they?), capcom might as well redo the original Super turbo music completely while they are at it.


Yeah, I guess theres a chance for new music (slim chance).
However don’t bank on it. Choose a soundtrack that is easily accessible to Capcom.

Keep voting, thanks.