What stages would you like to see in Sonic Generations DLC?

There have been small reports and rumors that Sonic Generations will be getting some new stages in the form of DLC, the main one being Casino Night from Sonic The Hedgehog 2.

What are some stages you’d like to see come back? Any Sonic title is fair game, just pick your favorite stages and explain why you’d like to see them come back.

Personally, I’d love to see Flying Battery Zone(Sonic &Knuckles) come back, mainly because I know Sega would take that stage’s music and make it even more amazing than it already was. Plus, just picture how cool it would be to see some of the visuals from it?

There’s a Sonic thread on the main page.

But Sky Deck from SA1. It was sick when everything turned sideways.

The stage where you prioritize Search over New Topic.

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There’s a Sonic thread, but I started this thread to specifically discuss a certain aspect of the franchise.

Any Knuckles stage from Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, with ost

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lol…ok…I would like to Starlight Zone from sonic 1,Casino Night zone and Hill Top Zone from Sonic 2, and Metal Harbor from Sa2.

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Hey, I think Sonic is a trash series that has been trash since Sonic Adventure 1, and I post that in the already-made Sonic thread I found by searching.

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Lost world from sonic adventure 1 would look sick in HD

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