What stance are you in most

Crane because if I sit there and play defenseivly 99% of the time people will keep jumping at me and eat cr.hk.

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Mantis should be your default because of EX gekiro, s.mk->hands pokes, easy hitconfirms into super, frame traps, better tick throw setups, better kara throws, hard knockdown sweeps, and c.hp AA.

You should switch to Crane when you see them jump (for cr.hk), when you want to cross them up, when you want to go air to air, when they’re spamming projectiles, when you want low-hit/overhead mixup, and when you want to do max damage punishes like L3 Focus into S.hp.

I would switch to Crane as needed but stay in Mantis mostly. Oddly enough, most of my actual hits come from Crane mindgames… but it’s Mantis that gets me in or sets up the knockdowns I need.

I play mantis 99% of the time and only switch to crane when I’m having trouble getting in or I don’t want to play footies.
Gen’s mantis normals are just too good.

mantis when you’re on the ground, crane when you’re in the air. That’s my general philosophy, there are exceptions. You can’t play footsies in crane really so I see no use to be in it on the ground unless you’re going for a overhead or roll combo or whatever, or expect a really obvious jump in and need to use c.hk.

I stay in Crane most of the time because it feels so sluggish to walk around in Mantis, and I’m walking a lot. I only change to mantis when I need to get something out.

65% Mantis
35% Crane

I like Vanesco’s way of explaining it (No need to be so harsh Vanesco! :D). It’s pretty much like:

Mantis = Solid play
Crane = Mix that shi* up! Hahaha

The reason being: (and I’m pretty much saying what Vanesco said)

  • S.mp is a really good frame trap
  • Sweep
  • 2 viable AA’s
  • S.mk > hands
  • Good pokes


  • Cross up Oga!
  • J.mk mixup (also into super!)
  • Overhead and underhand? (is that how you say it?)
  • C.hp!!!
  • Air-to-air
  • 1 viable anti-air
  • J.HK 2x > C.mp > HP roll = such good damage

I remember there was an interview with yeb, where the interviewer ask for some tip about gen and he responded by saying that you should always stay in mantis. I don’t think this really apply in ssf4 because I think crane is equally important as mantis for its cross up n roll.

Id say it depends on the situation. There shouldnt be a preferred stance because that limits options from the get go. At least in my opinion.

mainly mantis but since super came out with the sMK nerf i found myself using crane a lot more for poking, cMP is a good poke and extra walks speed really helps (besides having cHK, working as a good AA tool against most of the cast)

but still, mainly mantis

Mantis. But there are some matchups where I rarely stay in mantis too long other than to whiff punish with PPP c.hk. Zangief comes to mind. Also even in matches where mantis is the go-to stance, I’ll try to get on a health lead and lame them out with crane stance since it’s easier to run away and turtle up with c.hk and c.mp xx roll

mantis 95% default. the ground tools are too strong

i only go to crane for specific situations. like i want to overhead, or im really predicting a jump and i want air to air shakudan. cross up oga etc. also for my stagger block string, swicth to crane, and cr.mpxxxroll

I’m usually sitting down with my arcade stick on my lap. But at the arcades, I’'m sitting down with the stick right in front of my knees!

I don’t understand how some of you can play standing on 1 foot? I’m impressed!

I’ll be honest. I chuckled at this

70 on crane and you can go 30 for mantis (For me)

Im in crane more often then not as well I do press with the rolls as much as I can.

Usually mantis for pokes and throw setups.
Crane while in mid-combo, for neutral jumps, mix-ups, AA and for the cross-up dives.

Percentages are situational.

I honestly switch stances between everything, example (ppp) St.Mp -> St.Mk xx hands then I go for (kkk) stance and do roll to continue the preasure.

Another example is when I fight Guile, I mix it up with (ppp) St.mk and (kkk) Cr.mk which often beats his cr.mk and St.Hp/sonic boom respectively.

I never stay in one stance for very long, so I can say I share 50/50 % in both.