What started your unique quirks?

We all have some beliefs/rituals/likes/hobbies/whatever that are individual to us (or mean more to us than they do other folks). Sometimes we don’t know what started them, but there are times we can pinpoint the origin. So, that’s the task. If you know where something unique about you started, tell it.
Don’t make this about religion in any way.

For me:
-I believe all or most of the “great” pornstars of our era have a “shin” form. As in, they could REALLY wreck a dude if they put their heart into it, but a guy finishing in 5 minutes isn’t good for a scene. I believe this because a lot of people you wouldn’t expect to be holding back are in some way. I heard somewhere a while back that professional athletes take some kind of class on how to talk to the media. Of course, this is probably because most of them would flop on their own. But there have to be some who are intelligent and dumbing themselves down.

I had some more, but I forgot it right now. I’ll probably edit it in later.