What steps do you take when learning a new character? (AE)


Okay. I’m not new to the game or anything. This is just curiosity getting the best of me right now.

When you pick a new main, or a new sub character. What steps do you take right at the beginning? Do you have a weird ritual like beating Arcade mode on hardest like me? Or do you just learn combos and setups for days?

Gimme yo’ lists.


Well you could start by telling us what you did.


I first of all learn ALL of their normals and special normals and special moves supers and ultras, learn when to use them , and their ranges and data. Then I learn their footsies , combos, set ups. And then gameplay just comes through whilst learning all other aspects.


I recently started playing AE and I’ve been following this to learn Ibuki:


I recently picked up Fei long, I looked up videos from Snooootch, who I must say, has quite the solid Fei. The thing that I focus mostly are hit confirms like Fei’s links into rekkas and such. Everything else is just me going on autopilot. Every fight and character I play, I go autopilot and let not a single thought go by.

Still, training mode, learn the hit confirms, the best normals or pokes, combos that go into supers or ultras.

The thing I prefer is learn a few moves and keep it basic and go online, letting my knowledge increase in what not to do and what to do based on the situation and go from there. I learn from live online battle experiences and practice from that, training room is something I rarely see for big reasons since I find more chances of learning from online and only training room for new characters or vortex or setups that was introduces and finding ways to avoid it.


Pick a character.

Do not do any specials with him. Try winning with all his normals and pokes, in other words, learning all the normals

Incorporate specials and bnbs after, using those to fill in the gaps that your normals couldnt


I do a little research before picking up the character, such as looking at videos, reading forums, looking at hitboxes and frame data, and etc to get a synopsis of what the character is capable of, the type of style it should be played, and the tools he/she has.

Then I hit training mode and test out all normals and specials. Identify which can be used for anti air, what are their cross ups, how good is their throw, do they have a kara, what can combo and what are their combos, learn a basic mixup.

Then hit online, see where I struggle, what are my tendencies, watch match videos of other players to compare to how I play the character, go back to training mode.

Process repeats for a long time until I decide to either drop the character, or keep working on him or her.