What stick and buttons can I use as replacements in my old MAS System stick?

I’ve been out of fighting games for a good 6-7 years now and getting back into it. Was going to sell my old DC MAS stick but decided to keep it to use with all the nice DC games.

I wanted to fix it up with new buttons (ones already busted) and stick but have no idea which ones would be the easiest to use. Not sure if I can use Sanwa or if I have to stick with HAPP parts.

Pretty new to all this new stick modding stuff.

Thanks in advance.

You must stick with Happ/IL

If you still have Happ buttons with the Cherry Microswitches, get the replacement microswitches, that should fix them. Unless you actually damaged the plastic. But you say that it is old, I’m guessing you still have the Cherry switch-style, which are far superior to the new E-Switch design. Same with the joystick. That should likely renew the functions.

Or you can buy new Happ parts, but I highly suggest an IL stick, which comes with the Cherry microswitches. Yummy. Can’t really buy IL buttons that are similar to what you may have, though.

Hmmm, I’ll probably grab a new IL stick then. The one button that doesnt work, not sure what happened, it’s permanently pressed down (broke), but it doesnt fire or anything. I was thinking, if I replace that, might as well replace all the buttons, never really liked the ones on there. Way too much pressure is needed to press them IMO (plus I want to switch them to convex style). So, if I understand you right, I have to use Happ buttons, instead of IL?

Why is no one selling iL buttons? This is wackiness. Ponyboy and Modchipman both used to stock them.

I saw they have IL buttons on LizardLick.com. Wish I could switch the stick to a Sanwa though. Can’t find any guides on making a switch from happ to sanwa.

You can also use Crown buttons. Would have to use Crown 203C’s in a Mas though, the 203A’s are snap-in only, and mas panels are too thick.

I just got my TE for my ps3…like it alot. After a couple hours, went to check out the MAS for the hell of it. It’s just nasty in comparison. So…is there anyway to switch all this Happ stuff to sanwa? I tried looking around, couldn’t find any guides. Help! lol.

You really honestly can’t do it easily. The hole for the joystick is too big, and the screw position for the mounting plate is so different, the buttons holes are slightly too small, the QDs aren’t the same size for the buttons… I’m not saying it isn’t feasible. I’m just saying, it’s a lot of effort.

If you honestly want DC, I think it’d just be easier to get an MC Cthulhu and replace the PS3 TE PCB than to go through the effort of changing the case. Then you also get a ton of extra consoles, too! That’s me, though.

Yeah, I was thinking about that. Too bad there isn’t an easier way, would be cheaper just getting the stick and buttons. Hmmm, I could replace the stick and buttons in my Agetec stick for dreamcast…just dont like how small the case is, but I can mod that …hmmm.