What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

What stick is suggested between the two. The SC stick is 60$ off with the SCR going on making it 112$ with shipping. But price is not a problem if the Qanba is voted better.

Madcatz : soul caliber soul edition stick.


Qanba4 (black)

I will be using it as stock. In terms of parts ect. Which would most agree being the better stick.


Those two have the same parts. The difference between the two being button/stick layout, and the fact that the Qanba is multi-console.

Cool, helps with my decision.

I don’t know much about parts or anything. I’m pretty new to arcade sticks. Do you have the name of the part or a website to face plates that would replace the soul caliber faceplate (that’s the only thing giving me OCD problems lol)



Art does great work.

Hi all. I’m in the market for a custom personalized stick. I don’t know where I’d go specifically on this forum to get such a thing. I live in Canada so I’d prefer it if it were shipped from within the same country, but if I really must I’m willing to pay for a stick shipment from the States. Here’s all of what I need and want.

Needs: Circle-gate stick (preferably Happ bat-top), custom artwork overlay on the entire top of the stick, seimitsu clear buttons with the artwork visible on/through them. 6-button straight layout with start/select/guide buttons on the front face of the stick.
Wants: Three-way (PC/360/PS3) compatibility, blue LED buttons (light up on button press).
**Budget: **$350 CAD + Shipping.

Anyone know what I can do or who I can contact to get this done for me? I’ve never done any DIY work before, nor do I want to. I want someone else to do all that for me.

The artwork is a single image supplied by me. I was gonna get an AIAB stick, but unfortunately they went under, and I don’t know where to get such a stick now.

Try checking this thread: Want a custom stick? Come in here! Official custom stick builders thread

There are some reports of issues with drop input and lag with Qanba, the newer Mad Catz sticks have solved the issued the round 1 TE had.

I am now deciding between the Qanba4 and the SFxT pro… (is the pro the same as the SCV soul edition?)

Which stick should I purchase? =/

SFxT Pro isn’t the same as the SCV in terms of body shell. its a completely different Case/Shell.
The Joystick, Push Buttons and electronics are identical so in that respect they should handle the same.

Unless you really really need dual-mode right now out of the box, I say go for Mad Catz. (even if you want a dual mod I say stick with mad Catz and suck up the extra cost of modding later).
The SVC when comes to modding is identical to the TEs, just the case color and border bezel is different.
The SFxT Pro isnt a TE doe to its shape but its guts are the same

Hi, I have read all the reviews of arcade sticks you have here but I’m still in doubt of what to get… Mainly because there are no infos here about the sticks having ball or bat top and also if the gates are squared or octagonal. Besides that I could only find about 3 sticks that are wireless and really can’t tell wich is the better…

So, I hope people don’t hate me for asking this, but WICH ARCADE STICK SHOULD I GET??
Here is what I WANT/NEED:
-Wireless function;
-Great Quality, Reliability and Durability (Sanwa);
-“Bat-top” Stick and Octagonal Gate (thou I can change parts if I HAVE to);
-Ease of Mod 1 (Easy: Standard parts drops right into place, reasonable access to all parts);

I really don’t care much about PRICE right now, so just opinions of sticks that have good wireless function and have sanwa parts or easy to mod parts would already be awesome and help me a lot!
Thanks already and sorry If I said something stupid, total noob here.

99% of the time if a Japanese style joystick is used it comes with a Ball top. Very few sticks made with Sanwa parts come with a bat top, and most of those offer a Bat top as a optional part.

With Japanese style parts All commercial sticks sold retail come with the default Square Gate

No you don’t. Trust me of all the commercially sticks available the ones that come wireless are crap. Lots and lots of lag and drop input.
Unless the stick uses a PCB from a actual Microsoft (brand) Xbox 360 controller or a Sony Dual Shock 3 or Six Axis controller you don’t want wireless.

Quality and Reliability is a relative term. Quality compared to what? In The arcade stick scene as long as you get authentic parts you have relative quality and reliability.
Almost all the serious players use Sanwa in their better sticks, Hori as a few Special Editions that use Seimtsu instead. When it boils down to it Sanwa and Seimtsu is alot like comparing Coca-cola and Pepsi, choose the brand you prefer more they are both the same flavor, cola. Sanwa and Seimtsu are known for quick and precise response.

Now if you want Durability you want Korean or even American/European style parts that can take much more abuse. American/European parts like IL or Happ can take some some serious long time abuse, they are made to be mounted in thicker wooded panels with easy to replace microswitches that do not require disassembly.

If you actually read my guide it ended off with various lists of sticks I might recommend.

Keep in mind this list has not been updated so the Mad Catz TE S + and the Mad Catz VS would be up there.

I did read everything, but there was almost no mention to octogonal gates, bat tops and even wireless function, that’s why I posted my questions.

Anyways, thanks a LOT for your answer, it is really helping me! From what you said I take that it would prob be a better idea for me to just buy a cheap decent ease to mod stick and then just change the parts that I want.

So right now I have narrowed down my options to just two arcade sticks:

  1. Hori V3 Pro SA, but I would still have to replace the gate and the stick top.

  2. Mad Catz SE, and replace the stick and buttons for Sanwa ones AND the gate.

So this is my last question: Can I get a new Sanwa stick already with the bat top and octogonal gate?? Or do I have to buy the stick and then buy a bat top and a new gate?? Also, any good website to buys this parts that would ship overseas (I’m in Brazil)??

Thank you one more time, and sorry for the trouble.

You have to get the Octo gate and bat top separately. All Sanwa Sticks are Square Gates by Default.
Remember to get a adapter for your Bat top so the Bat Top fits the JLF.

The Only sticks right now that offers Sanwa Bat Tops are currently not released yet
The new Razer Stick and (assumption here) the PDP DC Super Hero’s Injustice Stick

I’m a complete novice looking to buy my first stick, and I’m eyeing a Brawl stick that’s selling for roughly $40. Is that about as low as I’m ever going to find one now? I’ve heard they used to be $30 and have been seen as low as $20. Anyone here have insights on the price fluctuation?

The $20 price tag was a Christmas sale on Mad Catz own Online store http://store.gameshark.com/
You may find Brawl sticks for $30 - $40 from various Game Stops from what I am told; my local Game Stop and Best buy don’t sell sticks.

Basically Game Stop, Best Buy and Frys are getting rid of old stock.
Mad Catz them selves? Its just a Holiday sale.

I am looking into making a quick database for this thread of which PS3 controllers are backwards compatible with PS2 games.
This applies to Backward compatible PS3 units.

Input is welcomed.

Just reiterating from the other thread:

For sure NOT compatible:

  • TE Rnd1
  • Anything that uses the Paewang board (Joytron Paewang Revolution, Datel Arcade Pro, etc)

Thanks for the reply. I was thinking that was more or less the case, so I went ahead and pulled the trigger. Let’s see how long it takes before I’m aching to swap out the stick n’ buttons.

So, you kind of mentioned it, but i want to make sure
The SCV stick SOUL edition on the madcatz site will handle just as well as a SFxT one?
I liked the artwork and button placement better, but i dont want to find out i bought an inferior stick. @_@

IMO the Soul Edition is vastly superior to the Strekken stick.