What Stick/Controller Should I Buy? Read the Guide on Pg 1 Before Posting

Note the TvC is a Wii stick.

Get a WWE Brawlstick.

I ordered the TvC fightstick and the Mayflash Wii to PC adapter from Amazon last night. The total came to about $50, and considering that this thread states the TvC as a little better than the Madcatz SE, I feel I got a pretty good deal, for a beginner stick. I thought about the WWE, but didn’t want the art.

You might want to look for other sticks soon, that adapter breaks waay to easily, which is why I’m stick-less right now. It also comes with a lot of other drawbacks as well such as no DP mode and weird controller scheme (which could be fixed from Options, but it’s still confusing nonetheless).
I’ve been waiting for Madcatz’s EVO sale. Is it ever going to come or has MarkMan let me down? :frowning:

Sorry, what is DP mode? I doubt I’d be getting a TE, even if it was on sale, unless the sale was ridiculously awesome. I’m not rough with computer items; hopefully the adapter will be ok.

Mad Catz Arcade sticks as a 3 position slide switch to change the mode for the joy stick. LS (Left Analog) DP (D-pad) and RS (Right Analog)
When most people complain their joystick does not work, the forgot there switch is in RS mode. The exception is the TvC stick via Mayflash adapter. Some players ended up modding them selves or hiring a modder to add other systems compatibility to the TvC stick. Some people will ad a 2nd or even a 3rd pcb to the stick. Easiest is to add a Paewang PCB as it includes PS3w and Xbox 360 modes, this can be dual-moded with the existing TvC Wii PCB which is tiny compared to the other Mad Catz sticks.

If you want to get this or another mod done, even art replacement on the WWE stick and do not want to do it your self try this thread for a modder near you

Also keep in mind if you go the cheapest route you often ended up paying more in the long run.

Not quite sure I understand; does the TvC not have DP mode? Is this bad? I only need it to work with PC

Out of curiosity, what are the problems caused by the Madcatz SE PCB?

I’ll certainly check it out, thanks for the warnings.

I tend to play a pretty aggro rushdown style. I’ve played on people’s MvC 3 sticks and Tekken 6 sticks as well as my own TvC stick, and I’d much rather have a wired stick vis a vis a wireless stick.

I don’t think that’s X-Arcade’s fault though, Microsoft does tend to be fairly restrictive on what controllers work with their console.

Wireless fight sticks like the Tekken 6 stick (which is a horrible piece of crap BTW) and the TvC stick add in some serious control lag that makes it near impossible for me to play. I don’t know offhand if the back-to-back adapters produce more lag than the wireless sticks, but I’d love to have someone’s honest opinion on the issue.


Sup yo, im too poor to afford a new PS3 arcade stick. Can someone recommend the best PS2 to PS3 adaptor? many thanks!

A good PS2 stick with a adapter or 2 is fine. Its back to back adapters that I look down on.

If you decided to read some of the thread first before posting you notice this link was given out
The Converter Compatibility thread

Currently the inpin from etokki is the best PS2 to PS3 adapter, but there are some good alternatives if you want to avoid overseas shipping.
There PS2 to Xbox 360 adapter is awesome as well.

cheers broseph! much appreciated.

Your Welcome

I am new to srk, 30 years old and lots of regrets about not picking up fighting games earlier on in my life. Recently i bought MVC3 (xbox360) and i absolutely love it! Problem is, i am playing with a madcatz fightpad. I like the pad, but i wuld love to play with a good fightstick. I have the feeling that the padplaying limits my abilities when it comes down to inputspeed and options. I would love to buy a madcatz TE stick, but problem is that they are just not available in the Netherlands. In my search for a good replacement for my TE wish, i stumbled upon Srk. Man was i exited when i saw all the custom sticks and beautifull stickart. I would love to make my own fightstick. I did a lot of reading, but some technical parts still make me confused. The casing won’t be a problem. I like working with wood. Allready bought some nice timber;-)
The parts i am about to order are: sanwa jlf-tp-8yt-sk (joystick)/ sanwa jlf h wiring harness / sanwa obsf 30 pushbuttons and some 24’s for back/start/‘home.’ I think that will do. My biggest question is wich PCB is should go with. I have a spare xbox360 wired controller which i am about to tear apart. Only thing is; in the first post of this thread it says it has ‘no common ground.’ My madcatz fightpad has common ground. I am no experienced solder. What should i do? Should i go with the xbox360 wired pcb or go with the madcatz fightpad pcb? To be hounest, i do not know for sure what common ground, or no common ground means. I think it means that i have to do a lot of extra solding when i go with the ‘no common ground pcb.’ Am i right?
Sorry for the long post, my first by the way. Thanks in advance and greetings to everyone here at Srk.

Welcome to the world of fighters. I congratulate you on going out and building a stick. Nice to know you have done your research as well, a lot of people jump right in with no knowledge.

You are correct on the fact that having a non-common ground PCB means you have to do a lot more soldering(almost double the amount), but if you are a decent with a soldering iron and feel confident it should be no issue. The contacts for the buttons shouldn’t be too difficult to solder onto. I would still solder up to the fightpad though, as although I don’t know the xbox controller you are using, you would probably need to invert the triggers, while with the fightpad you do not. If you are not confident in soldering though, a few modders in the Trading outlet could wire up a controller with quick disconnects for you.

@ExtremeYoshiFan: Thanks a lot for your quick response. I have done some more research and i will be going for the fightpad pcb. My solding won’t be good enough for the xbox306 pcb;) The only bad thing now is waiting…waiting for paypal to come through and after that waiting for my parts to be delivered. I am so hyped…i can’t stand the wait. I wan’t to get to work as in Right Now!

Ah well, quess i will just browse all the different art templates. Still have some difficult choices to make:) Thanks again. Btw; i will be posting picks when i finish.

What is the difference between these two sticks??

Hori Real Arcade Pro V3-SA


Hori Real Arcade Pro VX-SA


I can’t find the answer anywhere? Hope somebody can help me out!

The second image is not of a VX-SA, it’s a V3-SA that is a Amazon.jp exclusive.

Other than the button/ball top color scheme and artwork, there’s no difference between the 2 sticks.

Thanks! And are these sticks better or worse then TE sticks or is just a matter of preference? I’ve heard that the sticks above are lighter but respond a bit faster. I can’t find the link but there’s a YouTube movie where some Japanese guy is testing both sticks. And the V3-SA is just a bit faster in response-time

I haven’t heard about, but generally it is just a matter of preference. People who swear by Hori will probably come up with excuses, just as people who swear by madcatz will easily do the same. Hori was the long time go to brand for arcade sticks, so when Madcatz stepped in I am sure a lot of people bashed them at first. Any stick should do you fine as we wouldn’t recommend one or the other here if they weren’t both reliable. If you want the Hori, buy the Hori, if you want the Madcatz, buy the Madcatz. I have a TE-S and I love it, but I am sure I would love a Hori stick all the same. If you want custom art though, a TE would be the way to go. They are much easier to customize and plexiglass and templates for art are easier to come by. It is entirely your decision so you need to go with what you feel is right for you.