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hello i,m buying a fight stick case for £40pound from teck innovations it is just a clear case could any help me by telling where i can purchase the cables and parts to make it my self its going to be used for my ps3 if any could help be i would be grateful.

ps its a TEK-CASE S1-B from teck innovations


Why are you putting this same post up in multiple parts of the forum and a new topic?


Just a question, guys. To any one of you with a common colored Sanwa Balltop, I recently bought from you guys a dark blue Sanwa Joystick from arcadespareparts.com, but the joystick’s balltop isn’t what I was expecting. As far as I know, the balltop was supposed to be smooth, without marks, but this one have a little mark on the tip, and on the middle there is a line around it. I never found any picture of a genuine Sanwa Balltop with those marks. Does anyone know if it’s supposed to be like this?
It made me think mine is fake D:

Just got my Madcatz stick with a jlf in it to take a look and yeah, it does have the mark on top and a ring around it. The mark on top is small and I can barely feel. This ring from the molding i can feel very clearly. I don’t think they would show that much on pictures…

They never bothered me, but they are there.

I see, thanks…it got me worried for a moment.
Maybe one of those “special” mesh ones don’t have those marks?

This thread does not cover Customs ONLY Retail/Commercial Sticks. You Know this if you bother to Read Page 1 like the title ask.

This is also not the thread for this. Those Marks are from the mold that made the ball top.


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hey guys is it a good idea to buy a used fightstick from ebay? or should i buy new from amazon or wait till mad catz has a sale, I wanna lean to play on a stick mainly for vffs. Also i don’t live in the states so shipping is another factor i have to consider in my cost, any thoughts/input would be helpful thx.

Ebay’s fine. If there are any problems, open a dispute and Ebay will take care of you. Obviously a new stick is better, but I’d buy a used one if it were $30-50 cheaper than a new one.

It wildy depends on many factors.

Keep in mind eBay is not a online store. eBay is a listing and auction service, you are buying from that individual seller not eBay. And Every Seller is different.
For Experienced sellers who sold hundreds if not thousands, Look for sellers with a Feedback score of 99.5% rating or better. Huge time sellers with a 95% or lower is to be avoided like the plague. Pay attention to the text in the negative feedbacks, check to see if the negative feedbacks buyers actually have an issue or they are just jerks.
For people with a hundred sales or less, if they do not have a 100% rating, avoid them.

Amazon is a online store in it self, but it also allows a listing service in a similar fashion to eBay, so for Amazon pay huge attention to who the seller is.
Amazon’s feedback score system is structured differently than ebay so the averages on the scores are alot lower. Anywhere 90% and up is okay. Be careful with 88 to 89 % sellers.

**How to know if you have a good price or not.
**Swing over to my PAGE 1 (its required for this thread). I did not list the current price of a stick, I listed there original MSRP (or close to it). With the exception for huge collectors items avoid sticks that price them higher than I have them listed. (Examples Comic Con TE, Chun Li TE are going to be priced higher than other TEs) Many sellers have a terrible habit of over inflating the price of their sticks thinking the Market will bare, do not fall for it.
Also beware for sticks that are market high and are not in NEW/ Close to NEW condition. DO NOT pay full price on “customized sticks” with a few exceptions. Otherwise only pay full price on sticks that are keep stock.

Those exceptions are:

  • Sticks that do not come as Full Sanwa or Full Seimitsu (they used knock off Parts instead of authentic parts) are modded to be all authentic buttons and joystick. Example finding a Mad Catz WWE Brawl Stick that has a JLF and Sanwa buttons installed. You should not pay no more than (approx) 10% more than the cost of the stick + cost of the new parts.
  • Sticks that has been professionally Dual-Moded (if in doubt ask someone in SRK TT) The pricing should be cost of the stick + Dual Mod PCB Cost + 10% to 25% of the stick for labor.
  • Older era (Decades old sticks such as SNES and Genesis/MegaDrive Era and back) sticks that are refurbish. Many of these are collector items.

As for buying online outside the United States? This is a tricky issue as each countries Fighting game scene is different.
The market strong in Parts of Asia (like Japan or S. Korea), Europe (mostly Western Europe), Australia and Canada (maybe Mexico) other wise you have to eat heavily shipping costs.

Tip for you guys overseas is try to find a seller in your home country first if possible, better if he is in your home province/area.
If that not possible look at neighboring Countries that are friendly to your own. Example You are living in Span, try a French, British or German Seller if you can’t find someone in Spain (yes I know they are not right next to each other).

Great Advice for used sticks.

Here is another VERY GOOD guide for buying on eBay
It is on a website for cameras and photography but everything on that guide applies to arcade sticks as well. Just that all their examples are photography related.

P.S. Ken Rockwell is also have great advice and tips on photography.

Thx for the advice Darksakul but I had already bid on the item before I saw ur post and checked the link, so im now stuck waiting for the bidding to finish. I did examine the seller based on the recommendations from the link but whatever happens its all on me for being a bit too hasty in my bid.

Another few tips.

Never, ever bid early. You only drive the price up higher.

Wait till the last possible minute, sometimes the last possible twelve seconds.
Also decide in advance the maximum you want to bid.

Learnt that as welll…lost the bid so now im gonna wait for CEO or EVO to snag a deal hopefully.

since you said you don’t live in the states, DX site normally list a price including shipping fee (free shipping) sure the price of the stick seem inflated but you don’t need to calculate shipping fee on top, last time I checked they have whole array of Qanba, I bought mine from them, and on the shipping document they write it as “gift” so no surprise tax too, arrived within 3 weeks to my place, but it seems like they only have Qanba, since they are located in China

That is nice they want you to sidestep any fees. but its also illegal both their and here.

If US customs look into it, and see it was a sale and not an actual gift. They can confiscate the item and even fine you for their “Mistake”.
And I understand it can be much worse in other countries.

I just bought a Qanba Q2 yesterday because of all the good reviews and it was on sale too, but I cant say it is a good stick because the people are still shipping it to me. You guys think I made the right move?

Qanba Q2 is an okay stick, but you probably had better options. Qanba Q4 is nice because it comes dual modded out of the box.

I think I made the right move because the Qanba Q2 is my second stick that I have owned, the first being a MadCatz Standard Edition

I’m not going to say the Qanba Q2 is bad. It’s probably a great stick, but I usually think in terms of price and there are other sticks in the same class (at least) that are much cheaper. Unless you got some amazing deal on the stick anyway.

Added a How to ebay section to the front page.

if you reside in US, I see no point buying Qanba from DX, they’re cheaper at Eightarc
depend on how often you receive this “gift” if it only once in every blue moon, I bet no customs would move a finger, because people do get gift
when you order more than one stick I’m sure they won’t mark it as gift.
Anyway I think they have enough understanding of different customs in different countries to act accordingly, and some common sense on top.